Kristen Lew
Kristen Lew
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Lectures in advanced mathematics: Why students might not understand what the mathematics professor is trying to convey
K Lew, TP Fukawa-Connelly, JP Mejía-Ramos, K Weber
Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 47 (2), 162-198, 2016
Developing and validating proof comprehension tests in undergraduate mathematics
JP Mejía-Ramos, K Lew, J de la Torre, K Weber
Research in Mathematics Education 19 (2), 130-146, 2017
Comprehending Leron’s structured proofs
E Fuller, JP Mejia-Ramos, K Weber, A Samkoff, K Rhoads, D Doongaji, ...
Proceedings of the 14th Conference for Research in Undergraduate Mathematics …, 2011
Using expectancy value theory to account for individuals’ mathematical justifications
K Weber, K Lew, JP Mejía-Ramos
Cognition and Instruction 38 (1), 27-56, 2020
Linguistic Conventions of Mathematical Proof Writing at the Undergraduate Level: Mathematicians' and Students' Perspectives
K Lew, JP Mejía-Ramos
Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 50 (2), 121-155, 2019
Using corpus linguistics to investigate mathematical explanation
JP Mejía-Ramos, L Alcock, K Lew, P Rago, C Sangwin, M Inglis
Methodological advances in experimental philosophy, 239-264, 2019
Unconventional uses of mathematical language in undergraduate proof writing
K Lew, JP Mejía-Ramos
Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate …, 2015
How to Help Students Understand Lectures in Advanced Mathematics
K Weber, TP Fukawa-Connelly, JP Mejía-Ramos, K Lew
Notices of the AMS 63 (10), 2016
Do generic proofs improve proof comprehension
K Weber, E Fuller, JP Mejia-Ramos, K Lew, P Benjamin, A Samkoff
Proceedings of the 15th Annual Conference on Research In Undergraduate …, 2012
Undergraduate mathematics students’ at-home exploration of a prove-or-disprove task
K Lew, D Zazkis
The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 54, 100674, 2019
Conventions of the language of mathematical proof writing at the undergraduate level
K Lew
Rutgers University-Graduate School-New Brunswick, 2016
Why Lectures in Advanced Mathematics Often Fail.
T Fukawa-Connelly, K Lew, P Mejia-Ramos, K Weber
North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of …, 2014
Abstract algebra students’ evoked concept images for functions and homomorphisms
K Melhuish, K Lew, MD Hicks, SS Kandasamy
The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 60, 100806, 2020
Metaphors for learning and doing mathematics in advanced mathematics lectures
J Olsen, K Lew, K Weber
Educational Studies in Mathematics 105 (1), 1-17, 2020
Comparing expert and learner mathematical language: A corpus linguistics approach
L Alcock, M Inglis, K Lew, JP Mejia-Ramos, P Rago, CJ Sangwin
Loughborough University, 2017
Linguistic Norms of Undergraduate Mathematics Proof Writing as Discussed by Mathematicians and Understood by Students.
K Lew, JP Mejía-Ramos
North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of …, 2015
How a Professor Uses Diagrams in a Mathematics Lecture and How Students Understand Them.
K Lew, T Fukawa-Connelly, P Mejia-Ramos, K Weber
North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of …, 2014
Not all informal representations are created equal
K Lew, JP Mejia-Ramos, K Weber
Proceedings of the 16th annual conference on research in undergraduate …, 2013
Do Generic Proofs Improve Proof Comprehension?
K Lew, K Weber, JPM Ramos
수학교육학연구, 229-248, 2020
Linguistic conventions of mathematical proof writing across pedagogical contexts
K Lew, JPM Ramos
Educational Studies in Mathematics 103 (1), 43-62, 2020
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