K. Olof Johansson
K. Olof Johansson
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Resonance-stabilized hydrocarbon-radical chain reactions may explain soot inception and growth
KO Johansson, MP Head-Gordon, PE Schrader, KR Wilson, ...
Science 361 (6406), 997-1000, 2018
Radical–radical reactions, pyrene nucleation, and incipient soot formation in combustion
KO Johansson, T Dillstrom, P Elvati, MF Campbell, PE Schrader, ...
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (1), 799-806, 2017
Formation and emission of large furans and oxygenated hydrocarbons from flames
KO Johansson, T Dillstrom, M Monti, F El Gabaly, MF Campbell, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of …, 2016
Soot precursor formation and limitations of the stabilomer grid
KO Johansson, JYW Lai, SA Skeen, DM Popolan-Vaida, KR Wilson, ...
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (2), 1819-1826, 2015
Evolution of maturity levels of the particle surface and bulk during soot growth and oxidation in a flame
KO Johansson, F El Gabaly, PE Schrader, MF Campbell, HA Michelsen
Aerosol Science and Technology 51 (12), 1333-1344, 2017
Photofragmentation laser-induced fluorescence imaging in premixed flames
O Johansson, J Bood, B Li, A Ehn, ZS Li, ZW Sun, M Jonsson, AA Konnov, ...
Combustion and flame 158 (10), 1908-1919, 2011
Quantitative detection of hydrogen peroxide in an HCCI engine using photofragmentation laser-induced fluorescence
B Li, M Jonsson, M Algotsson, J Bood, ZS Li, O Johansson, M Aldén, ...
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 34 (2), 3573-3581, 2013
Detection of hydrogen peroxide using photofragmentation laser-induced fluorescence
O Johansson, J Bood, M Aldén, U Lindblad
Applied spectroscopy 62 (1), 66-72, 2008
Fluorescence lifetime imaging in a flame
A Ehn, O Johansson, J Bood, A Arvidsson, B Li, M Aldén
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 33 (1), 807-813, 2011
Single-laser shot fluorescence lifetime imaging on the nanosecond timescale using a Dual Image and Modeling Evaluation algorithm
A Ehn, O Johansson, A Arvidsson, M Aldén, J Bood
Optics express 20 (3), 3043-3056, 2012
Critical assessment of photoionization efficiency measurements for characterization of soot-precursor species
KO Johansson, J Zádor, P Elvati, MF Campbell, PE Schrader, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 121 (23), 4475-4485, 2017
Hydroxyl radical consumption following photolysis of vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide at 266 nm: Implications for photofragmentation laser-induced fluorescence measurements of …
O Johansson, J Bood, M Aldén, U Lindblad
Applied Physics B 97 (2), 515-522, 2009
Spatial dependence of the growth of polycyclic aromatic compounds in an ethylene counterflow flame
Q Wang, P Elvati, D Kim, KO Johansson, PE Schrader, HA Michelsen, ...
Carbon 149, 328-335, 2019
Quantitative IBBCEAS measurements of I2 in the presence of aerosols
O Johansson, H Mutelle, AE Parker, S Batut, P Demaux, C Schoemaecker, ...
Applied Physics B 114 (3), 421-432, 2014
Photoionization Efficiencies of five polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
KO Johansson, MF Campbell, P Elvati, PE Schrader, J Zádor, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 121 (23), 4447-4454, 2017
Design and characterization of a linear Hencken-type burner
MF Campbell, GA Bohlin, PE Schrader, RP Bambha, CJ Kliewer, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 87 (11), 115114, 2016
Quantitative oxygen concentration imaging in toluene atmospheres using Dual Imaging with Modeling Evaluation
A Ehn, M Jonsson, O Johansson, M Aldén, J Bood
Experiments in fluids 54 (1), 1433, 2013
Simultaneous visualization of water and hydrogen peroxide vapor using two-photon laser-induced fluorescence and photofragmentation laser-induced fluorescence
K Larsson, O Johansson, M Aldén, J Bood
Applied Spectroscopy 68 (12), 1333-1341, 2014
Development and application of photofragmentation laser-induced fluorescence for visualization of hydrogen peroxides
O Johansson
Lund University, 2011
A small porous-plug burner for studies of combustion chemistry and soot formation
MF Campbell, PE Schrader, AL Catalano, KO Johansson, GA Bohlin, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 88 (12), 125106, 2017
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