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Caglar Sinayuc
Caglar Sinayuc
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Analysis of carbon dioxide sequestration in shale gas reservoirs by using experimental adsorption data and adsorption models
S Merey, C Sinayuc
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 36, 1087-1105, 2016
Assessment of carbon dioxide plume behaviour within the storage reservoir and the lower caprock around the KB-502 injection well at In Salah
JQ Shi, C Sinayuc, S Durucan, A Korre
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 7, 115-126, 2012
An experimental study on the CO2–CH4 swap process between gaseous CO2 and CH4 hydrate in porous media
O Ors, C Sinayuc
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 119, 156-162, 2014
Investigation of gas hydrate potential of the Black Sea and modelling of gas production from a hypothetical Class 1 methane hydrate reservoir in the Black Sea conditions
S Merey, C Sinayuc
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 29, 66-79, 2016
Snøhvit CO2 storage project: Assessment of CO2 injection performance through history matching of the injection well pressure over a 32-months period
JQ Shi, C Imrie, C Sinayuc, S Durucan, A Korre, O Eiken
Energy Procedia 37, 3267-3274, 2013
Numerical simulations for short-term depressurization production test of two gas hydrate sections in the Black Sea
S Merey, C Sinayuc
Journal of natural gas science and engineering 44, 77-95, 2017
Modeling of ECBM recovery from Amasra coalbed in Zonguldak Basin, Turkey
Ç Sınayuç, F Gümrah
International Journal of Coal Geology 77 (1-2), 162-174, 2009
In Salah CO2 storage JIP: carbon dioxide plume extension around KB-502 well–new insights into reservoir behaviour at the In Salah storage site
S Durucan, JQ Shi, C Sinayuc, A Korre
Energy Procedia 4, 3379-3385, 2011
A new fully probabilistic methodology and a software for assessing uncertainties and managing risks in shale gas projects at any maturity stage
MF Tugan, C Sinayuc
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 168, 107-118, 2018
Analysis of the Black Sea gas hydrates
Ş Merey
Middle East Technical University, 2017
Experimental set-up design for gas production from the Black Sea gas hydrate reservoirs
S Merey, C Sinayuc
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 33, 162-185, 2016
New software that predicts hydrate properties and its use in gas hydrate studies
S Merey, C Sinayuc
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 61 (5), 1930-1951, 2016
State-of-the-art review of CO2 storage site selection and characterisation methods
F Delprat-Jannaud, A Korre, JQ Shi, B McConnell, A Arvanitis, D Boavida, ...
Publ. by CGS Europe, 3, 2013
Implementation of horizontal well CBM/ECBM technology and the assessment of effective CO2 storage capacity in a Scottish coalfield
C Sinayuc, JQ Shi, CE Imrie, SA Syed, A Korre, S Durucan
Energy Procedia 4, 2150-2156, 2011
Assessment of fracture connectivity and potential for CO2 migration through the reservoir and lower caprock at the In Salah storage site
J Smith, S Durucan, A Korre, JQ Shi, C Sinayuc
Energy Procedia 4, 5299-5305, 2011
Gas‐in‐place calculations in shale gas reservoirs using experimental adsorption data with adsorption models
S Merey, C Sinayuc
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 94 (9), 1683-1692, 2016
Analysis of the Black Sea sediments by evaluating DSDP Leg 42B drilling data for gas hydrate potential
S Merey, C Sinayuc
Marine and Petroleum Geology 78, 151-167, 2016
Adsorption behaviour of shale gas reservoirs
S Merey, C Sinayuc
International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology 17 (2), 172-188, 2018
Experimental analysis of adsorption capacities and behaviors of shale samples
Ş Merey, Ç Sınayuç
19th International Petroleum and Natural Gas Congress and Exhibition of …, 2013
Numerical modeling of counter-current spontaneous imbibition during underbalanced drilling
M Naseri, C Sinayuc
North Africa Technical Conference and Exhibition, 2012
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