Zhe Feng
Zhe Feng
Bosch Research & Technology Center, North America
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Method and system for improving speech recognition accuracy by use of geographic information
Z Shen, F Weng, Z Feng
US Patent 8,239,129, 2012
Video data mining: Semantic indexing and event detection from the association perspective
X Zhu, X Wu, AK Elmagarmid, Z Feng, L Wu
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data engineering 17 (5), 665-677, 2005
System and method for recognizing proper names in dialog systems
F Weng, Z Shen, Z Feng
US Patent 8,108,214, 2012
System and method for multi-modal input synchronization and disambiguation
F Weng, L Ren, Z Feng, L Zou, B Yan, Z Shen
US Patent 9,123,341, 2015
System and method for recognizing proper names in dialog systems
F Weng, Z Shen, Z Feng
US Patent App. 13/339,086, 2012
Methods and systems for adapting grammars in hybrid speech recognition engines for enhancing local SR performance
K Xu, F Weng, Z Feng
US Patent 9,153,229, 2015
Method and system for computing or determining confidence scores for parse trees at all levels
F Weng, F Lin, Z Feng
US Patent 8,639,509, 2014
Null foley–sammon transform
YF Guo, L Wu, H Lu, Z Feng, X Xue
Pattern recognition 39 (11), 2248-2251, 2006
FDU at TREC 2002: Filtering, Q&A, web and video tasks
L Wu, X Huang, J Niu, Y Xia, Z Feng, Y Zhou
TREC, 2002
Improving slot filling in spoken language understanding with joint pointer and attention
L Zhao, Z Feng
Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational …, 2018
Speech recognition using multiple language models
F Weng, Z Feng, K Xu, L Zhao
US Patent 8,972,260, 2015
Automatic generation of interactive systems from a formalized description language
F Weng, W Chang, B Yan, Z Feng
US Patent 8,001,469, 2011
Method and apparatus for recognizing large list of proper names in spoken dialog systems
F Weng, T Scheideck, Z Feng, B Raghunathan
US Patent 7,925,507, 2011
CHAT to your destination
F Weng, B Yan, Z Feng, F Ratiu, M Raya, B Lathrop, A Lien, S Varges, ...
Proceedings of the 8th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue, 79-86, 2007
System and method for interacting with live agents in an automated call center
F Weng, B Yan, Z Shen, Z Feng, K Xu, K Li
US Patent 8,943,394, 2015
Acoustic Scene Classification Using a CNN-SuperVector System Trained with Auditory and Spectrogram Image Features.
R Hyder, S Ghaffarzadegan, Z Feng, JHL Hansen, T Hasan
Interspeech, 3073-3077, 2017
Speaker verification in a health monitoring system
F Weng, T Hasan, Z Feng
US Patent 8,818,810, 2014
System and method of conversational assistance in an interactive information system
F Weng, Z Shen, Z Feng, K Xu
US Patent 9,667,742, 2017
Controlling the amount of verbatim copying in abstractive summarization
K Song, B Wang, Z Feng, R Liu, F Liu
Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 34 (05), 8902-8909, 2020
System And Method For Multimodal Interaction With Reduced Distraction In Operating Vehicles
F Weng, Z Feng, Z Shen, K Xu
US Patent App. 14/066,423, 2014
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