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Abeer S. Alnahdi
Abeer S. Alnahdi
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, College of Science, Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
MHD Williamson Nanofluid Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Past a Non-Linear Stretching Sheet Implanted in a Porous Medium: Effects of Heat Generation and Viscous Dissipation
AI Amir Abbas, Mdi Begum Jeelani, Abeer S. Alnahdi
Precesses 10 (6), 1221, 2022
Numerical investigations of the nonlinear smoke model using the Gudermannian neural networks
Z Sabir, MAZ Raja, AS Alnahdi, MB Jeelani, MA Abdelkawy
Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 19 (1), 351-370, 2021
Localized patterns in periodically forced systems
AS Alnahdi, J Niesen, AM Rucklidge
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 13 (3), 1311-1327, 2014
Couple stress ternary hybrid nanofluid flow in a contraction channel by means of drug delivery function
AS Alnahdi, S Nasir, T Gul
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 210, 103-119, 2023
Blood-based ternary hybrid nanofluid flow-through perforated capillary for the applications of drug delivery
TG Abeer S. Alnahdi, Saleem Nasir
Waves in Random and Complex Media, 2022
Numerical investigations of the fractional-order mathematical model underlying immune-chemotherapeutic treatment for breast cancer using the neural networks
Z Sabir, M Munawar, MA Abdelkawy, MAZ Raja, C Ünlü, MB Jeelani, ...
Fractal and Fractional 6 (4), 184, 2022
Pattern formation induced by fuzzy fractional-order model of COVID-19
AS Alnahdi, R Shafqat, AUK Niazi, MB Jeelani
Axioms 11 (7), 313, 2022
Mathematical modeling and forecasting of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia under fractal-fractional derivative in caputo sense with power-law
MB Jeelani, AS Alnahdi, MS Abdo, MA Abdulwasaa, K Shah, HA Wahash
Axioms 10 (3), 228, 2021
Ternary Casson hybrid nanofluids in convergent/divergent channel for the application of medication
AS Alnahdi, S Nasir, T Gul
Thermal Science 27 (Spec. issue 1), 67-76, 2023
Hybrid nanofluid flow over a slippery surface for thermal exploration
AS Alnahdi, T Gul
Advances in Mechanical Engineering 15 (8), 16878132231190060, 2023
A generalized fractional order model for COV-2 with vaccination effect using real data
MB Jeelani, AS Alnahdi, MS Abdo, MA Almalahi, NH Alharthi, K Shah
Fractals 31 (04), 2340042, 2023
Qualitative Analyses of Fractional Integrodifferential Equations with a Variable Order under the Mittag‐Leffler Power Law
MB Jeelani, AS Alnahdi, MA Almalahi, MS Abdo, HA Wahash, NH Alharthi
Journal of Function Spaces 2022 (1), 6387351, 2022
Numerical Computational Heuristic Through Morlet Wavelet Neural Network for Solving the Dynamics of Nonlinear SITR COVID-19
MMH Zulqurnain Sabir, Abeer S. Alnahdi, Mdi Begum Jeelani, Mohamed A ...
TSP, Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 131 (2), pp.763-785, 2022
Localized patterns in periodically forced systems: II. Patterns with nonzero wavenumber
AS Alnahdi, J Niesen, AM Rucklidge
SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 17 (2), 1478-1502, 2018
Stagnation point nanofluid flow in a variable darcy space subject to thermal convection using artificial neural network technique
AS Alnahdi, A Khan, T Gul, H Ahmad
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 1-18, 2024
Energy and mass transmission through hybrid nanofluid flow passing over a spinning sphere with magnetic effect and heat source/sink
H Ahmad, AS Alnahdi, M Bilal, M Daher Albalwi, AA Faqihi
Nanotechnology Reviews 13 (1), 20230194, 2024
New solutions of fractional Jeffrey fluid with ternary nanoparticles approach
MI Asjad, A Riaz, AS Alnahdi, SM Eldin
Micromachines 13 (11), 1963, 2022
Legendre spectral collocation technique for fractional inverse heat conduction problem
TMT MA Abdelkawy, Mohammed M Babatin, Abeer S Alnahdi
International Journal of Modern Physics C, 2250065, 2021
On a nonlocal implicit problem under Atangana–Baleanu–Caputo fractional derivative
AS Alnahdi, MB Jeelani, MS Abdo, SM Ali, S Saleh
Boundary Value Problems 2021, 1-18, 2021
Jacobi spectral collocation technique for time-fractional inverse heat equations
MA Abdelkawy, AZM Amin, MM Babatin, AS Alnahdi, MA Zaky, RM Hafez
Fractal and Fractional 5 (3), 115, 2021
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