Suzanne R. Tamang
Suzanne R. Tamang
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Potential biases in machine learning algorithms using electronic health record data
MA Gianfrancesco, S Tamang, J Yazdany, G Schmajuk
JAMA internal medicine 178 (11), 1544-1547, 2018
Text mining for adverse drug events: the promise, challenges, and state of the art
R Harpaz, A Callahan, S Tamang, Y Low, D Odgers, S Finlayson, K Jung, ...
Drug safety 37 (10), 777-790, 2014
CUNY TAC-KBP 2010 Entity Linking and Slot Filling System Description
Z Chen, S Tamang, A Lee, X Li, WP Lin, M Snover, J Artiles, M Passantino, ...
Proceedings of the 2010 NIST Text Analysis Conference Workshop, 2010
Predicting patient ‘cost blooms’ in Denmark: a longitudinal population-based study
S Tamang, A Milstein, HT Sørensen, L Pedersen, L Mackey, JR Betterton, ...
BMJ open 7 (1), e011580, 2017
Tackling representation, annotation and classification challenges for temporal knowledge base population
H Ji, T Cassidy, Q Li, S Tamang
Knowledge and Information Systems 41 (3), 611-646, 2014
New paradigms for patient-centered outcomes research in electronic medical records: an example of detecting urinary incontinence following prostatectomy
T Hernandez-Boussard, S Tamang, D Blayney, J Brooks, N Shah
eGEMs 4 (3), 2016
Failures in complex systems: case studies, causes, and possible remedies
D Kopec, S Tamang
ACM SIGCSE Bulletin 39 (2), 180-184, 2007
CUNY TAC-KBP 2011 Temporal Slot Filling System Description
J Artiles, Q Li, T Cassidy, S Tamang, H Ji
Proceedings of Text Analysis Conference (TAC), 2011
Top-down and bottom-up: A combined approach to slot filling
Z Chen, S Tamang, A Lee, X Li, M Passantino, H Ji
Asia Information Retrieval Symposium, 300-309, 2010
Detecting Unplanned Care from Clinician Notes in Electronic Health Records
S Tamang, MI Patel, DW Blayney, J Kuznetsov, SG Finlayson, Y Vetteth, ...
Journal of Oncology Practice 11 (3), e313-e319, 2015
Using natural language processing to construct a metastatic breast cancer cohort from linked cancer registry and electronic medical records data
AY Ling, AW Kurian, JL Caswell-Jin, GW Sledge Jr, NH Shah, ...
JAMIA open 2 (4), 528-537, 2019
CUNY BLENDER TAC-KBP2012 Entity Linking System and Slot Filling Validation System.
S Tamang, Z Chen, H Ji
TAC, 2012
Snomed2Vec: Random Walk and Poincar\'e Embeddings of a Clinical Knowledge Base for Healthcare Analytics
K Agarwal, T Eftimov, R Addanki, S Choudhury, S Tamang, R Rallo
arXiv preprint arXiv:1907.08650, 2019
Development of an expert system for aiding migraine diagnosis
D Kopec, G Shagas, J Selman, D Reinharth, S Tamang
J Inform Technol Healthcare 200, 355, 2004
Stress disorders and dementia in the Danish population
JL Gradus, E Horváth-Puhó, TL Lash, V Ehrenstein, S Tamang, NE Adler, ...
American journal of epidemiology 188 (3), 493-499, 2019
Enhanced quality measurement event detection: an application to physician reporting
SR Tamang, T Hernandez-Boussard, EG Ross, G Gaskin, MI Patel, ...
eGEMs 5 (1), 2017
Adding smarter systems instead of human annotators: re-ranking for system combination
S Tamang, H Ji
Proceedings of the CIKM Workshop on Search and Mining Entity-Relationship …, 2011
Development of a clinical pathways analysis system with adaptive Bayesian nets and data mining techniques
D Kopec, G Shagas, D Reinharth, S Tamang
Medical and Care Compunetics 1, 70-80, 2004
Relabeling distantly supervised training data for temporal knowledge base population
S Tamang, H Ji
Proceedings of the NAACL Joint Workshop on Automatic Knowledge Base …, 2012
Cross-lingual slot filling from comparable corpora
M Snover, X Li, WP Lin, Z Chen, S Tamang, M Ge, A Lee, Q Li, H Li, ...
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora …, 2011
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