Dr. Mehdi Jafari-Asl
Dr. Mehdi Jafari-Asl
Ph.D of Analytical chemistry,Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) Isfahan,Iran
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A novel enzyme-free amperometric sensor for hydrogen peroxide based on Nafion/exfoliated graphene oxide–Co3O4 nanocomposite
AA Ensafi, M Jafari–Asl, B Rezaei
Talanta 103, 322-329, 2013
The fabrication and characterization of Cu-nanoparticle immobilization on a hybrid chitosan derivative-carbon support as a novel electrochemical sensor: application for the …
AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl, N Dorostkar, M Ghiaci, MV Martínez-Huerta, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (6), 706-717, 2014
A new strategy for the synthesis of 3-D Pt nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide through surface functionalization, Application for methanol oxidation and oxygen reduction
AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl, B Rezaei
Electrochimica Acta 130, 397-405, 2014
Silica gel modified carbon paste electrode for electrochemical detection of insulin
M Jaafariasl, E Shams, MK Amini
Electrochimica acta 56 (11), 4390-4395, 2011
Simultaneous determination of guanine and adenine in DNA based on NiFe2O4 magnetic nanoparticles decorated MWCNTs as a novel electrochemical sensor using adsorptive stripping …
AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl, B Rezaei, AR Allafchian
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 177, 634-642, 2013
Graphene nanosheets functionalized with Nile blue as a stable support for the oxidation of glucose and reduction of oxygen based on redox replacement of Pd-nanoparticles via …
AA Ensafi, Z Ahmadi, M Jafari-Asl, B Rezaei
Electrochimica Acta 173, 619-629, 2015
Cobalt ferrite nanoparticles decorated on exfoliated graphene oxide, application for amperometric determination of NADH and H 2 O 2
AA Ensafi, HA Alinajafi, M Jafari-Asl, B Rezaei, F Ghazaei
Materials Science and Engineering: C 60, 276-284, 2016
Hydrogen storage in hybrid of layered double hydroxides/reduced graphene oxide using spillover mechanism
AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl, A Nabiyan, B Rezaei, M Dinari
Energy 99, 103-114, 2016
Pyridine-functionalized graphene oxide, an efficient metal free electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl, B Rezaei
Electrochimica Acta 194, 95-103, 2016
Nanohybrid organic–inorganic chitosan/dopamine/TiO2 composites with controlled drug-delivery properties
M Safari, M Ghiaci, M Jafari-Asl, AA Ensafi
Applied Surface Science 342, 26-33, 2015
Hydrogen sulfide bubble absorption enhancement in water-based nanofluids
SH Esmaeili Faraj, M Nasr Esfahany, M Jafari-Asl, N Etesami
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53 (43), 16851-16858, 2014
Polyoxometalate-decorated graphene nanosheets and carbon nanotubes, powerful electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
AA Ensafi, E Heydari-Soureshjani, M Jafari-Asl, B Rezaei
Carbon 99, 398-406, 2016
Facile synthesis of Pt–Pd@ Silicon nanostructure as an advanced electrocatalyst for direct methanol fuel cells
AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl, B Rezaei, MM Abarghoui, H Farrokhpour
Journal of power sources 282, 452-461, 2015
Graphene/nano-porous silicon and graphene/ bimetallic silicon nanostructures (Pt–M, M: Pd, Ru, Rh), efficient electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction
AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl, B Rezaei
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015
Ni3S2/ball-milled silicon flour as a bi-functional electrocatalyst for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions
AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl, A Nabiyan, B Rezaei
Energy 116, 392-401, 2016
Selective and sensitive furazolidone biosensor based on DNA-modified TiO2-reduced graphene oxide
AA Ensafi, M Sohrabi, M Jafari-Asl, B Rezaei
Applied Surface Science 356, 301-307, 2015
Experimental and theoretical investigation effect of flavonols antioxidants on DNA damage
AA Ensafi, E Heydari-Soureshjani, M Jafari-Asl, B Rezaei, JB Ghasemi, ...
Analytica Chimica Acta 887, 82-91, 2015
Galvanic exchange at layered doubled hydroxide/N-doped graphene as an in-situ method to fabricate powerful electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
AA Ensafi, A Nabiyan, M Jafari-Asl, M Dinari, H Farrokhpour, B Rezaei
Energy 116, 1087-1096, 2016
Self-assembled monolayer of 2-pyridinethiol@ Pt-Au nanoparticles, a new electrocatalyst for reducing of CO2 to methanol
AA Ensafi, HA Alinajafi, M Jafari-Asl, B Rezaei
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 804, 29-35, 2017
A supported liquid membrane for microextraction of insulin, and its determination with a pencil graphite electrode modified with RuO2-graphene oxide
AA Ensafi, E Khoddami, B Rezaei, M Jafari-Asl
Microchimica Acta 182 (9-10), 1599-1607, 2015
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