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M Hakki ALMA
M Hakki ALMA
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Screening chemical composition and in vitro antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of the essential oils from Origanum syriacum L. growing in Turkey
MH Alma, A Mavi, A Yildirim, M Digrak, T Hirata
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 26 (12), 1725-1729, 2003
Chemical composition and content of essential oil from the bud of cultivated Turkish clove (Syzygium aromaticum L.)
MH Alma, M Ertaş, S Nitz, H Kollmannsberger
BioResources 2 (2), 265-269, 2007
Copper (II) adsorption from aqueous solution by herbaceous peat
R Gündoğan, B Acemioğlu, MH Alma
Journal of colloid and interface science 269 (2), 303-309, 2004
Pyrolysis of laurel (Laurus nobilis L.) extraction residues in a fixed-bed reactor: Characterization of bio-oil and bio-char
M Ertaş, MH Alma
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 88 (1), 22-29, 2010
Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oils from the gum of Turkish pistachio (Pistacia vera L.)
MH Alma, S Nitz, H Kollmannsberger, M Digrak, FT Efe, N Yilmaz
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 52 (12), 3911-3914, 2004
Removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution using cotton stalk, cotton waste and cotton dust
M Ertaş, B Acemioğlu, MH Alma, M Usta
Journal of Hazardous Materials 183 (1-3), 421-427, 2010
Antibacterial and antifungal effects of various commercial plant extracts
M Digrak, MH Alma, A Ilçim, S Sen
Pharmaceutical Biology 37 (3), 216-220, 1999
Antibacterial and antifungal activities of Turkish medicinal plants
M Digrak, MH Alma, A Ilçim
Pharmaceutical Biology 39 (5), 346-350, 2001
Preparation of sulfuric acid-catalyzed phenolated wood resin
MH Alma, M Yoshioka, Y Yao, N Shiraishi
Wood science and technology 32, 297-308, 1998
Properties of cotton carpel-based particleboards
MH Alma, H Kalaycıoğlu, I Bektaş, A Tutus
Industrial Crops and Products 22 (2), 141-149, 2005
Equilibrium studies on adsorption of Cu (II) from aqueous solution onto cellulose
B Acemioglu, MH Alma
Journal of colloid and interface science 243 (1), 81-84, 2001
Biogenic platinum nanoparticles using black cumin seed and their potential usage as antimicrobial and anticancer agent
A Aygun, F Gülbagca, LY Ozer, B Ustaoglu, YC Altunoglu, MC Baloglu, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 179, 112961, 2020
Biological synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Rheum ribes and evaluation of their anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial potential: A novel approach in phytonanotechnology
A Aygün, F Gülbağça, MS Nas, MH Alma, MH Çalımlı, B Ustaoglu, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 179, 113012, 2020
Multiwalled carbon nanotube-based nanosensor for ultrasensitive detection of uric acid, dopamine, and ascorbic acid
A Savk, B Özdil, B Demirkan, MS Nas, MH Calimli, MH Alma, AM Asiri, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 99, 248-254, 2019
Liquefaction of grapevine cane (Vitis vinisera L.) waste and its application to phenol–formaldehyde type adhesive
MH Alma, MA Basturk
Industrial crops and products 24 (2), 171-176, 2006
The preparation and flow properties of HC1 catalyzed phenolated wood and its blends with commercial novolak resin
MH Alma, M Yoshioka, Y Yao, N Shiraishi
Walter de Gruyter, Berlin/New York 50 (1), 85-90, 1996
Fumigant toxicity of essential oils fromLaurus nobilis andRosmarinus officinalis against all life stages ofTribolium confusum
AA Isikber, MH Alma, M Kanat, A Karci
Phytoparasitica 34, 167-177, 2006
Preparation and characterization of the phenolated wood using hydrochloric acid (HCl) as a catalyst
MH Alma, M Yoshioka, Y Yao, N Shiraishi
Wood science and technology 30 (1), 39-47, 1995
Insecticidal effects of essential oils from various plants against larvae of pine processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa Schiff) (Lepidoptera …
M Kanat, MH Alma
Pest Management Science: formerly Pesticide Science 60 (2), 173-177, 2004
Investigating changes in the chemical constituents and dimensional stability of heat-treated hornbeam and uludag fir wood
D Aydemir, G Gündüz, E Altuntaş, M Ertaş, HT Şahin, MH Alma
Bioresources, 2011
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