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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Radiographic evaluation of the maxillary sinus prior to dental implant therapy: a comparison between two-dimensional and three-dimensional radiographic imaging
A Tadinada, K Fung, S Thacker, M Mahdian, A Jadhav, GP Schincaglia
Imaging science in dentistry 45 (3), 169-174, 2015
A review on 3D printing: An additive manufacturing technology
A Jadhav, VS Jadhav
Materials Today: Proceedings 62, 2094-2099, 2022
Dynamically navigated versus freehand access cavity preparation: a comparative study on substance loss using simulated calcified canals
SD Jain, MW Saunders, CK Carrico, A Jadhav, JG Deeb, GL Myers
Journal of endodontics 46 (11), 1745-1751, 2020
Classification and volumetric analysis of temporal bone pneumatization using cone beam computed tomography
AB Jadhav, D Fellows, AR Hand, A Tadinada, AG Lurie
Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology and oral radiology 117 (3), 376-384, 2014
A comparative study between currently used methods and Small Volume-Cone Beam Tomography for surgical placement of mini implants
M Landin, A Jadhav, S Yadav, A Tadinada
The Angle Orthodontist 85 (3), 446-453, 2015
Artifacts in Cone Beam Computed Tomography Image Volumes: An Illustrative Depiction.
A Tadinada, E Jalali, A Jadhav, GP Schincaglia, S Yadav
Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society 64 (1), 12-15, 2015
Laser cutting of AISI 304 material: an experimental investigation on surface roughness
A Jadhav, S Kumar
Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies 5 (3), 429-437, 2019
Cone-beam computed tomography analysis of the prevalence, length, and passage of the anterior loop of the mandibular canal
N Raju, W Zhang, A Jadhav, A Ioannou, S Eswaran, R Weltman
Journal of Oral Implantology 45 (6), 463-468, 2019
On-water silver (I)-catalyzed cycloisomerization of acetylenic free amines/amides towards 7-azaindole/indole/isoquinolone derivatives
H Sun, L Xiao, W Li, Q Xie, L Shao
Synthesis 49 (21), 4845-4852, 2017
Clival lesion incidentally discovered on cone-beam computed tomography: A case report and review of the literature
AB Jadhav, A Tadinada, K Rengasamy, D Fellows, AG Lurie
Imaging science in dentistry 44 (2), 165-169, 2014
Aggressive cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck: a review
N Desai, MK Divatia, A Jadhav, A Wagh
Current Oncology 30 (7), 6634-6647, 2023
Comparison of Efficiency and Image Quality of Photostimulable Phosphor Plate and Charge‐Coupled Device Receptors in Dental Radiography
W Zhang, C Huynh, A Jadhav, J Pinales, L Arvizu, J Tsai, N Flores
Journal of Dental Education 83 (10), 1205-1212, 2019
Multidisciplinary approach for reconstruction of cranial defect with polymethyl methacrylate resin reinforced with titanium mesh
VD Sane, P Kadam, A Jadhav, R Saddiwal, Y Merchant
The Journal of Indian Prosthodontic Society 16 (3), 294-297, 2016
A review of armour's use of composite materials
AB Jadhav, A Gaikwad, Y Gori, A Somaiah, GV Rambabu, FH Al-Ataby, ...
Materials Today: Proceedings, 2023
Comparative study of process parameters on dross properties by laser machining of AISI 316L material
T Sargar, A Jadhav, NK Gautam
Materials Today: Proceedings, 2023
An experimental study on influence of process parameters on dross properties in laser machining of AISI 304 material
A Jadhav, S Kumar
Journal of Manufacturing Engineering 14 (3), 111-116, 2019
Multiple intraosseous cervical pneumatocysts: A case report of a rare incidental finding on cone-beam computed tomography
AB Jadhav, SG Sarah, R Cederberg, A Wagh, S Kiat-Amnuay
Imaging science in dentistry 48 (3), 223-226, 2018
Medico-Legal Problems of Artificial Intelligence
K Orhan, MM Gülbeş, A Jadhav, R Jagtap
Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry, 259-282, 2024
Accuracy of anatomical depictions in cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)-reconstructed panoramic projections compared to conventional panoramic radiographs: a clinical risk …
A Jadhav, NG Desai, A Tadinada
Cureus 15 (9), 2023
Experimental study of heat affected zone for CO2 and fiber laser machining of SS 316L material
T Sargar, A Jadhav, NK Gautam
Materials Today: Proceedings, 2023
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