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Lionel Naccache
Lionel Naccache
Sorbonne University / APHP / INSERM / ICM
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Towards a cognitive neuroscience of consciousness: basic evidence and a workspace framework
S Dehaene, L Naccache
Cognition 79 (1-2), 1-37, 2001
Conscious, preconscious, and subliminal processing: a testable taxonomy
S Dehaene, JP Changeux, L Naccache, J Sackur, C Sergent
Trends in cognitive sciences 10 (5), 204-211, 2006
The visual word form area: spatial and temporal characterization of an initial stage of reading in normal subjects and posterior split-brain patients
L Cohen, S Dehaene, L Naccache, S Lehéricy, G Dehaene-Lambertz, ...
Brain 123 (2), 291-307, 2000
Cerebral mechanisms of word masking and unconscious repetition priming
S Dehaene, L Naccache, L Cohen, DL Bihan, JF Mangin, JB Poline, ...
Nature neuroscience 4 (7), 752-758, 2001
Imaging unconscious semantic priming
S Dehaene, L Naccache, G Le Clec'H, E Koechlin, M Mueller, ...
Nature 395 (6702), 597-600, 1998
Neural signature of the conscious processing of auditory regularities
TA Bekinschtein, S Dehaene, B Rohaut, F Tadel, L Cohen, L Naccache
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (5), 1672-1677, 2009
Unconscious masked priming depends on temporal attention
L Naccache, E Blandin, S Dehaene
Psychological science 13 (5), 416-424, 2002
The priming method: imaging unconscious repetition priming reveals an abstract representation of number in the parietal lobes
L Naccache, S Dehaene
Cerebral cortex 11 (10), 966-974, 2001
Unconscious semantic priming extends to novel unseen stimuli
L Naccache, S Dehaene
Cognition 80 (3), 215-229, 2001
Evidence for a hierarchy of predictions and prediction errors in human cortex
C Wacongne, E Labyt, V Van Wassenhove, T Bekinschtein, L Naccache, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (51), 20754-20759, 2011
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JD Sitt, JR King, I El Karoui, B Rohaut, F Faugeras, A Gramfort, L Cohen, ...
Brain 137 (8), 2258-2270, 2014
Converging intracranial markers of conscious access
R Gaillard, S Dehaene, C Adam, S Clémenceau, D Hasboun, M Baulac, ...
PLoS biology 7 (3), e1000061, 2009
Letter binding and invariant recognition of masked words: behavioral and neuroimaging evidence
S Dehaene, A Jobert, L Naccache, P Ciuciu, JB Poline, D Le Bihan, ...
Psychological science 15 (5), 307-313, 2004
European Academy of Neurology guideline on the diagnosis of coma and other disorders of consciousness
D Kondziella, A Bender, K Diserens, W van Erp, A Estraneo, R Formisano, ...
European journal of neurology 27 (5), 741-756, 2020
Direct intracranial, FMRI, and lesion evidence for the causal role of left inferotemporal cortex in reading
R Gaillard, L Naccache, P Pinel, S Clémenceau, E Volle, D Hasboun, ...
Neuron 50 (2), 191-204, 2006
Human consciousness is supported by dynamic complex patterns of brain signal coordination
A Demertzi, E Tagliazucchi, S Dehaene, G Deco, P Barttfeld, F Raimondo, ...
Science advances 5 (2), eaat7603, 2019
Information sharing in the brain indexes consciousness in noncommunicative patients
JR King, JD Sitt, F Faugeras, B Rohaut, I El Karoui, L Cohen, L Naccache, ...
Current biology 23 (19), 1914-1919, 2013
Language and calculation within the parietal lobe: a combined cognitive, anatomical and fMRI study
L Cohen, S Dehaene, F Chochon, S Lehericy, L Naccache
Neuropsychologia 38 (10), 1426-1440, 2000
Nouvel inconscient (Le): Freud, le Christophe Colomb des neurosciences
L Naccache
Odile Jacob, 2006
Neurophysiological dynamics of phrase-structure building during sentence processing
MJ Nelson, I El Karoui, K Giber, X Yang, L Cohen, H Koopman, SS Cash, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (18), E3669-E3678, 2017
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