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Defne Akay
Defne Akay
Associate Professor of Physics, Ankara University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The effect of electron-phonon coupling in spin–orbit-coupled graphene
BS Kandemir, D Akay
Philosophical Magazine 97 (25), 2225-2235, 2017
Radiation-induced changes on poly (methyl methacrylate)(PMMA)/lead oxide (PbO) composite nanostructure
D Akay, U Gokmen, SB Ocak
Physica Scripta 94 (11), 115302, 2019
Photoinduced dynamical band gap in graphene: the effects of electron–phonon and spin–orbit interaction
BS Kandemir, D Akay
Physica status solidi (b) 255 (10), 1800163, 2018
Tuning the pseudo-Zeeman splitting in graphene cones by magnetic field
BS Kandemir, D Akay
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 384, 101-105, 2015
Ionizing radiation influence on rubrene-based metal polymer semiconductors: direct information of intrinsic electrical properties
D Akay, U Gokmen, SB Ocak
JOM 72 (6), 2391-2397, 2020
Effect of gamma-ray irradiation on the electrical characteristics of Al/C24H12/p-Si nano-structure
D Akay, S Karadeniz, AB Selçuk, SB Ocak
Physica Scripta 93 (9), 095301, 2018
Trigonal warping and photo-induced effects on zone boundary phonon in monolayer graphene
D Akay
Superlattices and Microstructures 117, 18-24, 2018
Laser light and external magnetic field control of polaron in asymmetric quantum dot
MFC Fobasso, AJ Fotue, SC Kenfack, CM Ekengue, CDG Ngoufack, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 129, 77-90, 2019
An evaluation of dielectric qualities by using frequency dependence in superbenzene-ring based organic polymer-semiconductors
D Akay, U Gökmen, SB Ocak
Materials Chemistry and Physics 245, 122708, 2020
Manipulating electronic dynamics of 8-Pmmn borophene with surfaces optical phonons
D Akay
Semiconductor Science and Technology 36 (45001), 2021
Stability and coherence of strong-coupling magneto-bipolaron in asymmetric quantum dot under laser field effect
MFC Fobasso, AJ Fotue, SC Kenfack, GN Bawe Jr, D Akay, LC Fai
Physics Letters A 382 (48), 3490-3499, 2018
Tuning the electrical properties with higher gamma-ray irradiation: poly (methyl Methacrylate)/lead oxide (PbO) composite nanostructures
Surface Review and Letters 27 (06), 1950156, 2020
Study of frequency dependent characterization: applied gamma-ray irradiation on metal-polymer nanostructure
D Akay, E Efil, N Kaymak, E Orhan, SB Ocak
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 318, 1409-1417, 2018
Structural role of double layer amphoteric oxides forms on electrical conductivity: PbO/zinc oxide semiconductor
D Akay, U Gökmen, SB Ocak
Physica Scripta 97 (9), 095803, 2022
Mini Band Gap Generation in Magnetic Beta-Borophene: Effects of Optical Phonon Interaction
D Akay, SK Maiti
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2022
Thermodynamic properties and optical absorption of polaron in monolayer graphene under laser field
C Kenfack-Sadem, FC Fobasso Mbognou, AJ Fotue, MN Hounkonnou, ...
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 203, 327-344, 2021
Electrical and optical properties of p-Si based structures with lead oxide interfaces
GA Aydemir, D Akay, A Tataroğlu, SB Ocak
Materials Science and Engineering: B 294, 116552, 2023
Beta-Borophene Under the Circularly Polarized Radiation: Polaritonic and Polaronic Dynamic Band Structure
D Akay, J Schliemann
The European Physical Journal Plus, 2022
The effect of tilted magnetic field in graphene cone
D Akay
Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 195, 2913-2920, 2015
Thermodynamics Properties and Optical Conductivity of Bipolaron in Graphene Nanoribbon Under Laser Irradiation
LCF FCF Mbognou, CK-Sadem, AJ Fotue, MN Hounkonnou, D Akay
Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 2021
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