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Muhyaddin Rawa
Muhyaddin Rawa
Deputy Director, Center of Reseach Excellence in Renewable Energy and Power Systems, King Abdulaziz
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Heat recovery application of nanomaterial with existence of turbulator
J Li, WH Alawee, MJH Rawa, HA Dhahad, YM Chu, A Issakhov, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 326, 115268, 2021
Economical-technical-environmental operation of power networks with wind-solar-hydropower generation using analytic hierarchy process and improved grey wolf algorithm
M Rawa, A Abusorrah, H Bassi, S Mekhilef, ZM Ali, SHEA Aleem, ...
Ain Shams Engineering Journal 12 (3), 2717-2734, 2021
A novel hybrid deep learning approach including combination of 1D power signals and 2D signal images for power quality disturbance classification
H Sindi, M Nour, M Rawa, Ş Öztürk, K Polat
Expert Systems with Applications 174, 114785, 2021
Real time experimental performance investigation of a NePCM based photovoltaic thermal system: An energetic and exergetic approach
MM Islam, M Hasanuzzaman, NA Rahim, AK Pandey, M Rawa, L Kumar
Renewable Energy 172, 71-87, 2021
A survey of transfer learning for machinery diagnostics and prognostics
S Yao, Q Kang, MC Zhou, MJ Rawa, A Abusorrah
Artificial Intelligence Review 56 (4), 2871-2922, 2023
Extended multilevel inverter topology with reduced switch count and voltage stress
MD Siddique, S Mekhilef, M Rawa, A Wahyudie, B Chokaev, I Salamov
IEEE Access 8, 201835-201846, 2020
A significant solar energy note on Powell-Eyring nanofluid with thermal jump conditions: Implementing Cattaneo-Christov heat flux model
NH Abu-Hamdeh, RA Alsulami, MJH Rawa, MA Alazwari, M Goodarzi, ...
Mathematics 9 (21), 2669, 2021
A PID-incorporated latent factorization of tensors approach to dynamically weighted directed network analysis
H Wu, X Luo, MC Zhou, MJ Rawa, K Sedraoui, A Albeshri
IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica 9 (3), 533-546, 2021
Discriminative manifold distribution alignment for domain adaptation
SY Yao, Q Kang, MC Zhou, MJ Rawa, A Albeshri
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems 53 (2), 1183-1197, 2022
Designing, optimizing and comparing distributed generation technologies as a substitute system for reducing life cycle costs, CO2 emissions, and power losses in residential …
D Sadeghi, SE Ahmadi, N Amiri, M Marzband, A Abusorrah, M Rawa
Energy 253, 123947, 2022
Dual input switched‐capacitor‐based single‐phase hybrid boost multilevel inverter topology with reduced number of components
M Rawa, MD Siddique, S Mekhilef, N Mohamed Shah, H Bassi, ...
IET Power Electronics 13 (4), 881-891, 2020
A techno-economic analysis of a hybrid energy system for the electrification of a remote cluster in western Saudi Arabia
MMA Seedahmed, MAM Ramli, HREH Bouchekara, MS Shahriar, ...
Alexandria Engineering Journal 61 (7), 5183-5202, 2022
Single-phase boost switched-capacitor-based multilevel inverter topology with reduced switching devices
MD Siddique, MF Karim, S Mekhilef, M Rawa, M Seyedmahmoudian, ...
IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics 10 (4 …, 2021
Optimal coalition formation and maximum profit allocation for distributed energy resources in smart grids based on cooperative game theory
M Moafi, RR Ardeshiri, MW Mudiyanselage, M Marzband, A Abusorrah, ...
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 144, 108492, 2023
A detailed hydrothermal investigation of a helical micro double-tube heat exchanger for a wide range of helix pitch length
NH Abu-Hamdeh, RA Alsulami, MJH Rawa, AA Aljinaidi, MA Alazwari, ...
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 28, 101413, 2021
Simulation of melting and solidification of graphene nanoparticles-PCM inside a dual tube heat exchanger with extended surface
A Abidi, M Rawa, Y Khetib, HFA Sindi, M Sharifpur, G Cheraghian
Journal of Energy Storage 44, 103265, 2021
A new cascaded asymmetrical multilevel inverter based on switched dc voltage sources
MD Siddique, M Rawa, S Mekhilef, NM Shah
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 128, 106730, 2021
Random fully connected layered 1D CNN for solving the Z-bus loss allocation problem
H Sindi, M Nour, M Rawa, Ş Öztürk, K Polat
Measurement 171, 108794, 2021
Optimal allocation and economic analysis of battery energy storage systems: Self-consumption rate and hosting capacity enhancement for microgrids with high renewable penetration
M Rawa, A Abusorrah, Y Al-Turki, S Mekhilef, MH Mostafa, ZM Ali, ...
Sustainability 12 (23), 10144, 2020
Energy, exergy and economics study of a solar/thermal panel cooled by nanofluid
MW Tian, Y Khetib, SR Yan, M Rawa, M Sharifpur, G Cheraghian, ...
Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 28, 101481, 2021
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