Jorge Issac Galván Tejada
Jorge Issac Galván Tejada
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Wifi bluetooth based combined positioning algorithm
I Galvan-Tejada, EI Sandoval, R Brena
Procedia Engineering 35, 101-108, 2012
Image edge detection using fractional calculus with feature and contrast enhancement
A Nandal, H Gamboa-Rosales, A Dhaka, JM Celaya-Padilla, ...
Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing 37 (9), 3946-3972, 2018
Speed bump detection using accelerometric features: A genetic algorithm approach
JM Celaya-Padilla, CE Galván-Tejada, FE López-Monteagudo, ...
Sensors 18 (2), 443, 2018
Infrastructure-Less Indoor Localization Using the Microphone, Magnetometer and Light Sensor of a Smartphone
CE Galván-Tejada, JP García-Vázquez, JI Galván-Tejada, ...
Sensors 2015 (15), 20355-20372, 2015
Bilateral Image Subtraction and Multivariate Models for the Automated Triaging of Screening Mammograms
J Celaya-Padilla, A Martinez-Torteya, J Rodriguez-Rojas, ...
BioMed Research International 2015, 12, 2015
Feature selection for place classification through environmental sounds
JR Delgado-Contreras, JP Garćıa-Vázquez, RF Brena, CE Galván-Tejada, ...
Procedia Computer Science 37, 40-47, 2014
Deep artificial neural networks for the diagnostic of caries using socioeconomic and nutritional features as determinants: data from NHANES 2013–2014
LA Zanella-Calzada, CE Galván-Tejada, NM Chávez-Lamas, ...
Bioengineering 5 (2), 47, 2018
An analysis of audio features to develop a human activity recognition model using genetic algorithms, random forests, and neural networks
CE Galván-Tejada, JI Galván-Tejada, JM Celaya-Padilla, ...
Mobile Information Systems 2016, 2016
Current model systems for the study of preeclampsia
ML Martinez-Fierro, GP Hernández-Delgadillo, V Flores-Morales, ...
Experimental biology and medicine 243 (6), 576-585, 2018
Magnetization-prepared rapid acquisition with gradient echo magnetic resonance imaging signal and texture features for the prediction of mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer …
A Martinez-Torteya, JA Rodriguez-Rojas, JM Celaya-Padilla, ...
Journal of Medical Imaging 1 (3), 031005, 2014
Multivariate radiological-based models for the prediction of future knee pain: Data from the OAI
JI Galván-Tejada, JM Celaya-Padilla, V Treviño, JG Tamez-Peña
Computational and mathematical methods in medicine 2015, 2015
Bilateral image subtraction features for multivariate automated classification of breast cancer risk
JM Celaya-Padilla, J Rodriguez-Rojas, JI Galván-Tejada, ...
Medical Imaging 2014: Computer-Aided Diagnosis 9035, 90351T, 2014
Multivariate feature selection of image descriptors data for breast cancer with computer-assisted diagnosis
CE Galván-Tejada, LA Zanella-Calzada, JI Galván-Tejada, ...
Diagnostics 7 (1), 9, 2017
Comparison of convolutional neural network architectures for classification of tomato plant diseases
V Maeda-Gutierrez, CE Galvan-Tejada, LA Zanella-Calzada, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (4), 1245, 2020
Identification of diabetic patients through clinical and para-clinical features in Mexico: an approach using deep neural networks
V Alcalá-Rmz, LA Zanella-Calzada, CE Galván-Tejada, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 16 (3), 381, 2019
A generalized model for indoor location estimation using environmental sound from human activity recognition
CE Galván-Tejada, FE López-Monteagudo, O Alonso-González, ...
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 7 (3), 81, 2018
Nested case–control study reveals increased levels of urinary proteins from human kidney toxicity panels in women predicted to develop preeclampsia
Y Lopez-Hernandez, JA Saldivar-Nava, I Garza-Veloz, I Delgado-Enciso, ...
International urology and nephrology 48 (12), 2051-2059, 2016
Contralateral asymmetry for breast cancer detection: a CADx approach
JM Celaya-Padilla, CH Guzmán-Valdivia, CE Galván-Tejada, ...
Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering 38 (1), 115-125, 2018
Multi-seed texture synthesis to fast image patching
JM Celaya-Padilla, I Galvan-Tejada, EI Sandoval
Procedia Engineering 35, 210-216, 2012
A Case–Control Study of Socio-Economic and Nutritional Characteristics as Determinants of Dental Caries in Different Age Groups, Considered as Public Health Problem: Data from …
LA Zanella-Calzada, CE Galván-Tejada, NM Chávez-Lamas, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 15 (5), 957, 2018
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