Roy Riblet
Roy Riblet
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Subnuclear compartmentalization of immunoglobulin loci during lymphocyte development
ST Kosak, JA Skok, KL Medina, R Riblet, MM Le Beau, AG Fisher, ...
Science 296 (5565), 158-162, 2002
The immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region (Igh‐V) locus in the mouse. I. One hundred Igh‐V genes comprise seven families of homologous genes
PH Brodeur, R Riblet
European journal of immunology 14 (10), 922-930, 1984
GENETIC CONTROL OF RESPONSES TO BACTERIAL LIPOPOLYSACCHARIDES IN MICE: I. Evidence for a Single Gene that Influences Mitogenic and Immunogenic Respones to Lipopolysaccharides
J Watson, R Riblet
The Journal of experimental medicine 140 (5), 1147-1161, 1974
The 3D structure of the immunoglobulin heavy-chain locus: implications for long-range genomic interactions
S Jhunjhunwala, MC van Zelm, MM Peak, S Cutchin, R Riblet, ...
Cell 133 (2), 265-279, 2008
A single VH gene is utilized predominantly in anti-BrMRBC hybridomas derived from purified Ly-1 B cells. Definition of the VH11 family.
RR Hardy, CE Carmack, SA Shinton, RJ Riblet, K Hayakawa
The Journal of Immunology 142 (10), 3643-3651, 1989
CCCTC-binding factor (CTCF) and cohesin influence the genomic architecture of the Igh locus and antisense transcription in pro-B cells
SC Degner, J Verma-Gaur, TP Wong, C Bossen, GM Iverson, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (23), 9566-9571, 2011
Active suppression of immunoglobulin allotype synthesis: II. Transfer of suppressing factor with spleen cells
EB Jacobson, LA Herzenberg, R Riblet, LA Herzenberg
The Journal of experimental medicine 135 (5), 1163, 1972
Visualization of looping involving the immunoglobulin heavy-chain locus in developing B cells
C Sayegh, S Jhunjhunwala, R Riblet, C Murre
Genes & development 19 (3), 322-327, 2005
Genetic control of responses to bacterial lipopolysaccharides in mice: II. A gene that influences a membrane component involved in the activation of bone marrow-derived …
J Watson, R Riblet
The Journal of Immunology 114 (5), 1462-1468, 1975
Progressive activation of DNA replication initiation in large domains of the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus during B cell development
P Norio, S Kosiyatrakul, Q Yang, Z Guan, NM Brown, S Thomas, R Riblet, ...
Molecular cell 20 (4), 575-587, 2005
The response of recombinant inbred strains of mice to bacterial lipopolysaccharides
J Watson, R Riblet, BA Taylor
The Journal of Immunology 118 (6), 2088-2093, 1977
Induction of antiphosphorylcholine antibody formation by anti-idiotypic antibodies.
E Trenkner, R Riblet
The Journal of experimental medicine 142 (5), 1121-1132, 1975
ACTIVE SUPPRESSION OF IMMUNOGLOBULIN ALLOTYPE SYNTHESIS: III. Identitication of T Cells As Responsible for Suppression by Cells from Spleen, Thymus, Lymph Node, and Bone Marrow
LA Herzenberg, EL Chan, MM Ravitch, RJ Riblet, LA Herzenberg
The Journal of experimental medicine 137 (6), 1311-1324, 1973
Genetic control of antibody variable regions
M Weigert, R Riblet
Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology 41, 837-846, 1977
Immunologic properties of bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS). II. The unresponsiveness of C3H/HeJ Mouse spleen cells to LPS-induced mitogenesis is dependent on the method used …
BJ Skidmore, DC Morrison, JM Chiller, WO Weigle
The Journal of experimental medicine 142 (6), 1488-1508, 1975
The genetic control of antibody variable regions in the mouse
M Weigert, R Riblet
Springer Seminars in Immunopathology 1 (2), 133-169, 1978
Genetic control of the frequency of hematopoietic stem cells in mice: mapping of a candidate locus to chromosome 1.
CE Müller-Sieburg, R Riblet
The Journal of experimental medicine 183 (3), 1141-1150, 1996
Genes for immunoglobulin heavy chain and serum prealbumin protein are linked in mouse
BA Taylor, DW Bailey, M Cherry, R Riblet, M Weigert
Nature 256 (5519), 644-646, 1975
Genetics of mouse antibodies. I. Linkage of the dextran response locus, VH‐DEX, to allotype
R Riblet, B Blomberg, M Weigert, R Lieberman, BA Taylor, M Potter
European journal of immunology 5 (11), 775-777, 1975
Conservation of an immunoglobulin variable-region gene family indicates a specific, noncoding function
A Tutter, R Riblet
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 86 (19), 7460-7464, 1989
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