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Abdullah Emin AKAY
Abdullah Emin AKAY
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Estimating sediment yield from a forest road network by using a sediment prediction model and GIS techniques
AE Akay, O Erdas, M Reis, A Yuksel
Building and Environment 43 (5), 687-695, 2008
Using LiDAR technology in forestry activities
AE Akay, H Oğuz, IR Karas, K Aruga
Environmental monitoring and assessment 151, 117-125, 2009
Using ASTER imagery in land use/cover classification of eastern Mediterranean landscapes according to CORINE land cover project
A Yüksel, AE Akay, R Gundogan
Sensors 8 (2), 1237-1251, 2008
Applying the decision support system, TRACER, to forest road design
AE Akay, J Sessions
Western Journal of Applied Forestry 20 (3), 184-191, 2005
Using the remote sensing and GIS technology for erosion risk mapping of Kartalkaya dam watershed in Kahramanmaras, Turkey
A Yuksel, R Gundogan, AE Akay
Sensors 8 (8), 4851-4865, 2008
A GIS-based decision support system for determining the shortest and safest route to forest fires: a case study in Mediterranean Region of Turkey
AE Akay, MG Wing, F Sivrikaya, D Sakar
Environmental monitoring and assessment 184, 1391-1407, 2012
Minimizing total costs of forest roads with computer-aided design model
AE Akay
Sadhana 31, 621-633, 2006
Determining productivity of mechanized harvesting machines
AE Akay, O Erdas, J Sessions
Journal of Applied Sciences 4 (1), 100-105, 2004
Evaluation of forest fire risk with GIS
N Sivrikaya, B Saglam, A Akay, N Bozali
Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 23, 2014
Heuristic planning techniques applied to forest road profiles
K Aruga, J Sessions, AE Akay
Journal of Forest Research 10 (2), 83-92, 2005
Application of GeoWEPP for determining sediment yield and runoff in the Orcan Creek watershed in Kahramanmaras, Turkey
A Yüksel, AE Akay, R Gundogan, M Reis, M Cetiner
Sensors 8 (2), 1222-1236, 2008
The Impacts of Ground-Based Logging Equipment on Forest Soil.
AE Akay, A Yuksel, M Reis, A Tutus
Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 16 (3), 2007
Application of an airborne laser scanner to forest road design with accurate earthwork volumes
K Aruga, J Sessions, AE Akay
Journal of Forest Research 10 (2), 113-123, 2005
Impact of mechanized harvesting machines on forest ecosystem: Residual stand damage
AE Akay, M Yilmaz, F Tonguc
Journal of applied sciences 6 (11), 2414-2419, 2006
Using high resolution images and elevation data in classifying erosion risks of bare soil areas in the Hatila Valley Natural Protected Area, Turkey
H Eroğlu, G Çakır, F Sivrikaya, AE Akay
Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment 24, 699-704, 2010
İnsansız hava araçları ile yüksek hassasiyette sayısal yükseklik modeli üretimi ve ormancılıkta kullanım olanakları
M Akgül, H Yurtseven, M Demir, A Akay, S Gülci, T Öztürk
Journal of the Faculty of Forestry Istanbul University 66 (1), 104-118, 2016
Stand damage of a selection cutting system in a uneven aged mixed forest of Cimendagi in Kahramanmaras-Turkey
M Yilmaz, A Akay
International Journal of Natural Engineering Sciences 2 (1), 77-82, 2008
Evaluation of UAV-and GNSS-based DEMs for earthwork volume
M Akgul, H Yurtseven, S Gulci, AE Akay
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 43, 1893-1909, 2018
GIS-based multi-criteria decision analysis for forest fire risk mapping
AE Akay, A Erdoğan
ISPRS Annals of the photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information …, 2017
Using farm tractors in small-scale forest harvesting operations
AE Akay
Journal of Applied Sciences Research 1 (2), 196-199, 2005
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