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İnan Güler
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for classification of EEG signals using wavelet coefficients
I Güler, ED Übeyli
Journal of neuroscience methods 148 (2), 113-121, 2005
Recurrent neural networks employing Lyapunov exponents for EEG signals classification
NF Güler, ED Übeyli, I Güler
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ECG beat classifier designed by combined neural network model
I Güler, ED Übeylı
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Multiclass support vector machines for EEG-signals classification
I Guler, ED Ubeyli
IEEE transactions on information technology in biomedicine 11 (2), 117-126, 2007
Comparison of STFT and wavelet transform methods in determining epileptic seizure activity in EEG signals for real-time application
MK Kıymık, İ Güler, A Dizibüyük, M Akın
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Segmentation of tumor and edema along with healthy tissues of brain using wavelets and neural networks
A Demirhan, M Törü, I Güler
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 19 (4), 1451-1458, 2014
AR spectral analysis of EEG signals by using maximum likelihood estimation
İ Güler, MK Kiymik, M Akin, A Alkan
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Automatic detection of erythemato-squamous diseases using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems
ED Übeylı, I Güler
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Combining neural network and genetic algorithm for prediction of lung sounds
İ Güler, H Polat, U Ergün
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Application of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for detection of electrocardiographic changes in patients with partial epilepsy using feature extraction
I Güler, ED Übeyli
Expert Systems with Applications 27 (3), 323-330, 2004
Impulse noise reduction in medical images with the use of switch mode fuzzy adaptive median filter
A Toprak, I Güler
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Feature extraction from Doppler ultrasound signals for automated diagnostic systems
ED Übeylı, İ Güler
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Combining stationary wavelet transform and self-organizing maps for brain MR image segmentation
A Demirhan, İ Güler
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 24 (2), 358-367, 2011
A survey of wormhole-based attacks and their countermeasures in wireless sensor networks
M Meghdadi, S Ozdemir, I Güler
IETE technical review 28 (2), 89-102, 2011
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ED Übeyli, İ Güler
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Spectral analysis of internal carotid arterial Doppler signals using FFT, AR, MA, and ARMA methods
ED Übeylı, I Güler
Computers in biology and medicine 34 (4), 293-306, 2004
Tıpta yapay zeka uygulamaları
A Demirhan, YA Kılıç, G İnan
Detection of ophthalmic artery stenosis by least-mean squares backpropagation neural network
İ Güler, ED Übeyli
Computers in Biology and Medicine 33 (4), 333-343, 2003
Improving medical diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound Doppler signals by combining neural network models
ED Übeyli, İ Güler
Computers in biology and medicine 35 (6), 533-554, 2005
Neural network analysis of internal carotid arterial Doppler signals: predictions of stenosis and occlusion
ED Übeyli, I Güler
Expert Systems with Applications 25 (1), 1-13, 2003
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