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Georgy Semenov
Georgy Semenov
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Colorado
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Biological introduction risks from shipping in a warming A rctic
C Ware, J Berge, A Jelmert, SM Olsen, L Pellissier, M Wisz, D Kriticos, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 53 (2), 340-349, 2016
Genomic variation across two barn swallow hybrid zones reveals traits associated with divergence in sympatry and allopatry
ESC Scordato, MR Wilkins, G Semenov, AS Rubtsov, NC Kane, RJ Safran
Molecular Ecology 26 (20), 5676-5691, 2017
Limited phylogeographic signal in sex-linked and autosomal loci despite geographically, ecologically, and phenotypically concordant structure of mtDNA variation in the …
SV Drovetski, M Raković, G Semenov, IV Fadeev, YA Red’kin
PLoS One 9 (1), e87570, 2014
Effects of assortative mate choice on the genomic and morphological structure of a hybrid zone between two bird subspecies
GA Semenov, ESC Scordato, DR Khaydarov, CCR Smith, NC Kane, ...
Molecular Ecology 26 (22), 6430-6444, 2017
Geographic mode of speciation in a mountain specialist A vian family endemic to the P alearctic
SV Drovetski, G Semenov, SS Drovetskaya, IV Fadeev, YA Red'kin, ...
Ecology and evolution 3 (6), 1518-1528, 2013
Asymmetric introgression reveals the genetic architecture of a plumage trait
GA Semenov, E Linck, ED Enbody, RB Harris, DR Khaydarov, P Alström, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 1019, 2021
Migratory divides coincide with reproductive barriers across replicated avian hybrid zones above the Tibetan Plateau
ESC Scordato, CCR Smith, GA Semenov, YU Liu, MR Wilkins, W Liang, ...
Ecology Letters 23 (2), 231-241, 2020
The genetic basis of spatial cognitive variation in a food-caching bird
CL Branch, GA Semenov, DN Wagner, BR Sonnenberg, AM Pitera, ...
Current Biology 32 (1), 210-219. e4, 2022
Effects of asymmetric nuclear introgression, introgressive mitochondrial sweep, and purifying selection on phylogenetic reconstruction and divergence estimates in the Pacific …
SV Drovetski, G Semenov, YA Red'kin, VN Sotnikov, IV Fadeev, EA Koblik
PLoS One 10 (4), e0122590, 2015
Global song divergence in barn swallows (Hirundo rustica): exploring the roles of genetic, geographical and climatic distance in sympatry and allopatry
MR Wilkins, ESC Scordato, GA Semenov, H Karaardiç, D Shizuka, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 123 (4), 825-849, 2018
Hybridization associated with cycles of ecological succession in a passerine bird
RA Duckworth, GA Semenov
The American Naturalist 190 (4), E94-E105, 2017
Unifying theoretical and empirical perspectives on genomic differentiation
GA Semenov, RJ Safran, CCR Smith, SP Turbek, SP Mullen, SM Flaxman
Trends in ecology & evolution 34 (11), 987-995, 2019
Extensive phenotypic diversification coexists with little genetic divergence and a lack of population structure in the White Wagtail subspecies complex (Motacilla alba)
GA Semenov, EA Koblik, YA Red'kin, AV Badyaev
Journal of evolutionary biology 31 (8), 1093-1108, 2018
High rate of meiotic recombination and its implications for intricate speciation patterns in the white wagtail (Motacilla alba)
GA Semenov, EA Basheva, PM Borodin, AA Torgasheva
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 125 (3), 600-612, 2018
The biogeographic history of Phoenicurus redstarts reveals an allopatric mode of speciation and an out-of-Himalayas colonization pattern
G Voelker, G Semenov, IV Fadeev, A Blick, SV Drovetski
Systematics and Biodiversity 13 (3), 296-305, 2015
Hybridization of Motacilla alba Linnaeus, 1758, and M. (a.) personata Gould, 1861, in the south of Siberia
GA Semenov, AK Yurlov, DR Khaydarov
Contemporary problems of Ecology 3, 579-586, 2010
Variable signatures of selection despite conserved recombination landscapes early in speciation
SP Turbek, GA Semenov, ED Enbody, L Campagna, SA Taylor
Journal of Heredity 112 (6), 485-496, 2021
Using networks to connect individual-level reproductive behavior to population patterns
SPT RJ Safran, II Levin, BK Fosdick, MT McDermott, GA Semenov, AK Hund, ESC ...
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 34 (6), 497-501, 2019
Quantitative analyses of coupling in hybrid zones
TJ Firneno, G Semenov, EB Dopman, SA Taylor, EL Larson, Z Gompert
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology 15 (12), a041434, 2023
Thermal acclimation in a non-migratory songbird occurs via changes to thermogenic capacity, but not conductance
RM Schweizer, A Romero, BW Tobalske, GA Semenov, MD Carling, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 226 (19), jeb245208, 2023
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