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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
N Hatziargyriou, H Asano, R Iravani, C Marnay
IEEE power and energy magazine 5 (4), 78-94, 2007
Integration of distributed energy resources. The CERTS Microgrid Concept
R Lasseter, A Akhil, C Marnay, J Stephens, J Dagle, R Guttromsom, ...
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.(LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States), 2002
Optimal technology selection and operation of commercial-building microgrids
C Marnay, G Venkataramanan, M Stadler, AS Siddiqui, R Firestone, ...
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 23 (3), 975-982, 2008
A larger role for microgrids
G Venkataramanan, C Marnay
IEEE power and energy magazine 6 (3), 78-82, 2008
Shape of the microgrid
C Marnay, FJ Rubio, AS Siddiqui
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.(LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States), 2000
Policymaking for microgrids
C Marnay, H Asano, S Papathanassiou, G Strbac
IEEE Power and Energy Magazine 6 (3), 66-77, 2008
An economic analysis of used electric vehicle batteries integrated into commercial building microgrids
S Beer, T Gómez, D Dallinger, I Momber, C Marnay, M Stadler, J Lai
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 3 (1), 517-525, 2012
Microgrids in the evolving electricity generation and delivery infrastructure
C Marnay, G Venkataramanan
2006 IEEE power engineering society general meeting, 5 pp., 2006
Microgrid evolution roadmap
C Marnay, S Chatzivasileiadis, C Abbey, R Iravani, G Joos, P Lombardi, ...
2015 international symposium on smart electric distribution systems and …, 2015
Real options valuation of US federal renewable energy research, development, demonstration, and deployment
AS Siddiqui, C Marnay, RH Wiser
Energy Policy 35 (1), 265-279, 2007
Optimizing Distributed Energy Resources and building retrofits with the strategic DER-CAModel
M Stadler, M Groissböck, G Cardoso, C Marnay
Applied Energy 132, 557-567, 2014
The CERTS Microgrid and the Future of the Macrogrid
C Marnay, OC Bailey
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.(LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States), 2004
Modeling of thermal storage systems in MILP distributed energy resource models
D Steen, M Stadler, G Cardoso, M Groissböck, N DeForest, C Marnay
Applied Energy 137, 782-792, 2015
MOD-DR: Microgrid optimal dispatch with demand response
M Jin, W Feng, P Liu, C Marnay, C Spanos
Applied Energy 187, 758-776, 2017
Microgrid to enable optimal distributed energy retail and end-user demand response
M Jin, W Feng, C Marnay, C Spanos
Applied Energy 210, 1321-1335, 2018
Energy manager design for microgrids
R Firestone, C Marnay
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.(LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States), 2005
Microgrid reliability modeling and battery scheduling using stochastic linear programming
G Cardoso, M Stadler, A Siddiqui, C Marnay, N DeForest, ...
Electric power systems research 103, 61-69, 2013
Effects of carbon tax on microgrid combined heat and power adoption
AS Siddiqui, C Marnay, JL Edwards, R Firestone, S Ghosh, M Stadler
Journal of Energy Engineering 131 (1), 2-25, 2005
Electric storage in California’s commercial buildings
M Stadler, M Kloess, M Groissböck, G Cardoso, R Sharma, MC Bozchalui, ...
Applied Energy 104, 711-722, 2013
Distributed generation investment by a microgrid under uncertainty
AS Siddiqui, C Marnay
Energy 33 (12), 1729-1737, 2008
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