Manajit Sengupta
Manajit Sengupta
Principal Scientist at National Renewable Energy Lab üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The national solar radiation data base (NSRDB)
M Sengupta, Y Xie, A Lopez, A Habte, G Maclaurin, J Shelby
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 89, 51-60, 2018
Best practices handbook for the collection and use of solar resource data for solar energy applications
M Sengupta, A Habte, S Kurtz, A Dobos, S Wilbert, E Lorenz, T Stoffel, ..., 2015
Direct normal irradiance related definitions and applications: The circumsolar issue
P Blanc, B Espinar, N Geuder, C Gueymard, R Meyer, R Pitz-Paal, ...
Solar Energy 110, 561-577, 2014
Preliminary survey on site-adaptation techniques for satellite-derived and reanalysis solar radiation datasets
J Polo, S Wilbert, JA Ruiz-Arias, R Meyer, C Gueymard, M Suri, L Martín, ...
Solar Energy 132, 25-37, 2016
Concentrating Solar Power: Best practices handbook for the collection and use of solar resource data (CSP)
T Stoffel, D Renné, D Myers, S Wilcox, M Sengupta, R George, C Turchi
National Renewable Energy Lab.(NREL), Golden, CO (United States), 2010
A Fast All-sky Radiation Model for Solar applications (FARMS): Algorithm and performance evaluation
Y Xie, M Sengupta, J Dudhia
Solar Energy 135, 435-445, 2016
Cloud-resolving satellite data assimilation: Information content of IR window observations and uncertainties in estimation
T Vukicevic, M Sengupta, AS Jones, TV Haar
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 63 (3), 901-919, 2006
Evaluation of the national solar radiation database (NSRDB): 1998-2015
A Habte, M Sengupta, A Lopez
National Renewable Energy Lab.(NREL), Golden, CO (United States), 2017
An evaluation of five ARW-WRF microphysics schemes using synthetic GOES imagery for an atmospheric river event affecting the California coast
I Jankov, LD Grasso, M Sengupta, PJ Neiman, D Zupanski, M Zupanski, ...
Journal of Hydrometeorology 12 (4), 618-633, 2011
Analysis of large scale spatial variability of soil moisture using a geostatistical method
T Lakhankar, AS Jones, CL Combs, M Sengupta, TH Vonder Haar, ...
Sensors 10 (1), 913-932, 2010
Physics-Based GOES Satellite Product for Use in NREL's National Solar Radiation Database
M Sengupta, A Habte, P Gotseff, A Weekley, A Lopez, C Molling, ...
National Renewable Energy Lab.(NREL), Golden, CO (United States), 2014
Observed impacts of transient clouds on utility-scale PV fields
A Kankiewicz, M Sengupta, D Moon
Solar 2010 Conference Proceedings 2009, 2010
Oahu solar measurement grid (1-year archive): 1-second solar irradiance; Oahu, Hawaii (data)
M Sengupta, A Andreas
National Renewable Energy Lab.(NREL), Golden, CO (United States), 2010
Short-term solar irradiance forecasting via satellite/model coupling
SD Miller, MA Rogers, JM Haynes, M Sengupta, AK Heidinger
Solar Energy 168, 102-117, 2018
Importance of accurate liquid water path for estimation of solar radiation in warm boundary layer clouds: An observational study
M Sengupta, EE Clothiaux, TP Ackerman, S Kato, Q Min
Journal of climate 16 (18), 2997-3009, 2003
Non-parametric methods for soil moisture retrieval from satellite remote sensing data
T Lakhankar, H Ghedira, M Temimi, M Sengupta, R Khanbilvardi, R Blake
Remote sensing 1 (1), 3-21, 2009
Building the Sun4Cast system: Improvements in solar power forecasting
SE Haupt, B Kosović, T Jensen, JK Lazo, JA Lee, PA Jiménez, J Cowie, ...
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 99 (1), 121-136, 2018
A review of the potential impacts of climate change on bulk power system planning and operations in the United States
MT Craig, S Cohen, J Macknick, C Draxl, OJ Guerra, M Sengupta, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 98, 255-267, 2018
Modeling beam attenuation in solar tower plants using common DNI measurements
N Hanrieder, M Sengupta, Y Xie, S Wilbert, R Pitz-Paal
Solar Energy 129, 244-255, 2016
Climatology of warm boundary layer clouds at the ARM SGP site and their comparison to models
M Sengupta, EE Clothiaux, TP Ackerman
Journal of climate 17 (24), 4760-4782, 2004
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