Maarten De Vos
Maarten De Vos
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Prediction models for diagnosis and prognosis of covid-19: systematic review and critical appraisal
L Wynants, B Van Calster, GS Collins, RD Riley, G Heinze, E Schuit, ...
bmj 369, 2020
How about taking a low‐cost, small, and wireless EEG for a walk?
S Debener, F Minow, R Emkes, K Gandras, M De Vos
Psychophysiology 49 (11), 1617-1621, 2012
Myelin and iron concentration in the human brain: a quantitative study of MRI contrast
C Stüber, M Morawski, A Schäfer, C Labadie, M Wähnert, C Leuze, ...
Neuroimage 93, 95-106, 2014
Source separation from single-channel recordings by combining empirical-mode decomposition and independent component analysis
B Mijović, M De Vos, I Gligorijević, J Taelman, S Van Huffel
IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering 57 (9), 2188-2196, 2010
Unobtrusive ambulatory EEG using a smartphone and flexible printed electrodes around the ear
S Debener, R Emkes, M De Vos, M Bleichner
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-11, 2015
Towards a truly mobile auditory brain–computer interface: exploring the P300 to take away
M De Vos, K Gandras, S Debener
International journal of psychophysiology 91 (1), 46-53, 2014
Canonical decomposition of ictal scalp EEG reliably detects the seizure onset zone
M De Vos, A Vergult, L De Lathauwer, W De Clercq, S Van Huffel, ...
NeuroImage 37 (3), 844-854, 2007
Automated neonatal seizure detection mimicking a human observer reading EEG
W Deburchgraeve, PJ Cherian, M De Vos, RM Swarte, JH Blok, GH Visser, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 119 (11), 2447-2454, 2008
Decoding the attended speech stream with multi-channel EEG: implications for online, daily-life applications
B Mirkovic, S Debener, M Jaeger, M De Vos
Journal of neural engineering 12 (4), 046007, 2015
P300 speller BCI with a mobile EEG system: comparison to a traditional amplifier
M De Vos, M Kroesen, R Emkes, S Debener
Journal of neural engineering 11 (3), 036008, 2014
Real-time EEG feedback during simultaneous EEG–fMRI identifies the cortical signature of motor imagery
C Zich, S Debener, C Kranczioch, MG Bleichner, I Gutberlet, M De Vos
Neuroimage 114, 438-447, 2015
Removal of muscle artifacts from EEG recordings of spoken language production
DM Vos, S Riès, K Vanderperren, B Vanrumste, FX Alario, VS Huffel, ...
Neuroinformatics 8 (2), 135-150, 2010
Cross-modal phase reset predicts auditory task performance in humans
JD Thorne, M De Vos, FC Viola, S Debener
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Daily longitudinal self-monitoring of mood variability in bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder
A Tsanas, KEA Saunders, AC Bilderbeck, N Palmius, M Osipov, ...
Journal of affective disorders 205, 225-233, 2016
Removal of BCG artifacts from EEG recordings inside the MR scanner: a comparison of methodological and validation-related aspects
K Vanderperren, M De Vos, JR Ramautar, N Novitskiy, M Mennes, ...
Neuroimage 50 (3), 920-934, 2010
Joint classification and prediction CNN framework for automatic sleep stage classification
H Phan, F Andreotti, N Cooray, OY Chén, M De Vos
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 66 (5), 1285-1296, 2018
What do international pharmacoeconomic guidelines say about economic data transferability?
M Barbieri, M Drummond, F Rutten, J Cook, HA Glick, J Lis, SD Reed, ...
Value in Health 13 (8), 1028-1037, 2010
Effective connectivity of the human cerebellum during visual attention
T Kellermann, C Regenbogen, M De Vos, C Mößnang, A Finkelmeyer, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (33), 11453-11460, 2012
Detecting bipolar depression from geographic location data
N Palmius, A Tsanas, KEA Saunders, AC Bilderbeck, JR Geddes, ...
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 64 (8), 1761-1771, 2016
Neonatal seizure detection using deep convolutional neural networks
AH Ansari, PJ Cherian, A Caicedo, G Naulaers, M De Vos, S Van Huffel
International journal of neural systems 29 (04), 1850011, 2019
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