Emily Maureen Elliott
Emily Maureen Elliott
University of Pittsburgh, Johns Hopkins University, U.S. Geological Survey
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
On the capacity of attention: Its estimation and its role in working memory and cognitive aptitudes
N Cowan, EM Elliott, JS Saults, CC Morey, S Mattox, A Hismjatullina, ...
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C Kendall, EM Elliott, SD Wankel
Blackwell, Oxford, UK, 2007
Tracking nonpoint source nitrogen pollution in human-impacted watersheds
SS Kaushal, PM Groffman, LE Band, EM Elliott, CA Shields, C Kendall
Environmental science & technology 45 (19), 8225-8232, 2011
Nitrogen Isotopes as Indicators of NOx Source Contributions to Atmospheric Nitrate Deposition Across the Midwestern and Northeastern United States
EM Elliott, C Kendall, SD Wankel, DA Burns, EW Boyer, K Harlin, DJ Bain, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 41 (22), 7661-7667, 2007
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N Cowan, LD Nugent, EM Elliott, I Ponomarev, JS Saults
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N Cowan, NM Fristoe, EM Elliott, RP Brunner, JS Saults
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N Cowan, JN Towse, Z Hamilton, JS Saults, EM Elliott, JF Lacey, ...
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JD Felix, EM Elliott, SL Shaw
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EM Elliott
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EM Elliott, C Kendall, EW Boyer, DA Burns, G Lear, HE Golden, K Harlin, ...
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JT Shelton, EM Elliott, SD Eaves, AL Exner
Journal of environmental psychology 29 (4), 513-521, 2009
Deconfounding serial recall
N Cowan, JS Saults, EM Elliott, MV Moreno
Journal of Memory and Language 46 (1), 153-177, 2002
Dual nitrate isotopes in dry deposition: Utility for partitioning NOx source contributions to landscape nitrogen deposition
EM Elliott, C Kendall, EW Boyer, DA Burns, GG Lear, HE Golden, K Harlin, ...
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Sources and transformations of nitrate from streams draining varying land uses: evidence from dual isotope analysis
DA Burns, EW Boyer, EM Elliott, C Kendall
Journal of environmental quality 38 (3), 1149-1159, 2009
Is there a temporal basis of the word length effect? A response to Service (1998)
N Cowan, LD Nugent, EM Elliott, T Geer
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An evaluation of multi‐criteria methods in integrated assessment of climate policy
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J David Felix, EM Elliott, TJ Gish, LL McConnell, SL Shaw
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 27 (20), 2239-2246, 2013
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