samir brahim belhaouari
samir brahim belhaouari
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A comparison of wavelet and curvelet for breast cancer diagnosis in digital mammogram
MM Eltoukhy, I Faye, BB Samir
Computers in Biology and Medicine 40 (4), 384-391, 2010
Breast cancer diagnosis in digital mammogram using multiscale curvelet transform
MM Eltoukhy, I Faye, BB Samir
Computerized medical imaging and graphics 34 (4), 269-276, 2010
A statistical based feature extraction method for breast cancer diagnosis in digital mammogram using multiresolution representation
MM Eltoukhy, I Faye, BB Samir
Computers in biology and medicine 42 (1), 123-128, 2012
Development of a novel mathematical model using a group contribution method for prediction of ionic liquid toxicities
MI Hossain, BB Samir, M El-Harbawi, AN Masri, MIA Mutalib, G Hefter, ...
Chemosphere 85 (6), 990-994, 2011
Fast Template Matching Method Based Optimized Sum of Absolute Difference Algorithm for Face Localization.
DN Nourain, SB Belhaouari
International Journal of Computer Applications 18, 2011
Systematic analysis of applied data mining based optimization algorithms in clinical attribute extraction and classification for diagnosis of cardiac patients
N Kausar, S Palaniappan, BB Samir, A Abdullah, N Dey
Applications of intelligent optimization in biology and medicine, 217-231, 2016
Ensemble clustering algorithm with supervised classification of clinical data for early diagnosis of coronary artery disease
N Kausar, A Abdullah, BB Samir, S Palaniappan, BS AlGhamdi, N Dey
Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics 6 (1), 78-87, 2016
Curvelet based feature extraction method for breast cancer diagnosis in digital mammogram
MM Eltoukhy, I Faye, BB Samir
2010 International Conference on Intelligent and Advanced Systems, 1-5, 2010
Digital mammograms classification using a wavelet based feature extraction method
I Faye, BB Samir, MM Eltoukhy
2009 Second International Conference on Computer and Electrical Engineering …, 2009
Efficient feature selection and classification of protein sequence data in bioinformatics
MJ Iqbal, I Faye, BB Samir, A Md Said
The Scientific World Journal 2014, 2014
An efficient Wireless Sensor Network-based water quality monitoring system
N Nasser, A Ali, L Karim, S Belhaouari
2013 ACS international conference on computer systems and applications …, 2013
An approach towards intrusion detection using PCA feature subsets and SVM
N Kausar, BB Samir, SB Sulaiman, I Ahmad, M Hussain
2012 International Conference on Computer & Information Science (ICCIS) 2 …, 2012
A review of classification approaches using support vector machine in intrusion detection
N Kausar, BB Samir, A Abdullah, I Ahmad, M Hussain
International Conference on Informatics Engineering and Information Science …, 2011
Using curvelet transform to detect breast cancer in digital mammogram
MMM Eltoukhy, I Faye, BB Samir
2009 5th International Colloquium on Signal Processing & Its Applications …, 2009
ARIMA based interval type-2 fuzzy model for forecasting
H Saima, J Jaafar, S Belhaouari, TA Jillani
International Journal of Computer Applications 28 (3), 17-21, 2011
Convergence results and sharp estimates for the voter model interfaces
S Belhaouari, T Mountford, R Sun, G Valle
Electronic Journal of Probability 11, 768-801, 2006
Probabilistic rank score coding: A robust rank-order based classifier for electronic nose applications
M Hassan, SB Belhaouari, A Bermak
IEEE Sensors Journal 15 (7), 3934-3946, 2015
Intelligent methods for weather forecasting: A review
H Saima, J Jaafar, S Belhaouari, TA Jillani
2011 National Postgraduate Conference, 1-6, 2011
Solving partial differential equation with space-and time-fractional derivatives via homotopy decomposition method
A Atangana, SB Belhaouari
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2013, 2013
Fast and accuracy control chart pattern recognition using a new cluster-k-nearest neighbor
SB Belhaouari
Journals of Word Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 30, 2009
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