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Andreas Schuh
Andreas Schuh
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The developing human connectome project: A minimal processing pipeline for neonatal cortical surface reconstruction
A Makropoulos, EC Robinson, A Schuh, R Wright, S Fitzgibbon, J Bozek, ...
Neuroimage 173, 88-112, 2018
Multimodal surface matching with higher-order smoothness constraints
EC Robinson, K Garcia, MF Glasser, Z Chen, TS Coalson, A Makropoulos, ...
Neuroimage 167, 453-465, 2018
Differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases using structural MRI data
J Koikkalainen, H Rhodius-Meester, A Tolonen, F Barkhof, B Tijms, ...
NeuroImage: Clinical 11, 435-449, 2016
Structural brain imaging in Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment: biomarker analysis and shared morphometry database
C Ledig, A Schuh, R Guerrero, RA Heckemann, D Rueckert
Scientific reports 8 (1), 11258, 2018
The Developing Human Connectome Project: typical and disrupted perinatal functional connectivity
M Eyre, SP Fitzgibbon, J Ciarrusta, L Cordero-Grande, AN Price, T Poppe, ...
Brain 144 (7), 2199-2213, 2021
The developing Human Connectome Project (dHCP) automated resting-state functional processing framework for newborn infants
SP Fitzgibbon, SJ Harrison, M Jenkinson, L Baxter, EC Robinson, ...
NeuroImage 223, 117303, 2020
Image-and-spatial transformer networks for structure-guided image registration
MCH Lee, O Oktay, A Schuh, M Schaap, B Glocker
Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention–MICCAI 2019: 22nd …, 2019
Construction of a neonatal cortical surface atlas using multimodal surface matching in the developing human connectome project
J Bozek, A Makropoulos, A Schuh, S Fitzgibbon, R Wright, MF Glasser, ...
NeuroImage 179, 11-29, 2018
Unbiased construction of a temporally consistent morphological atlas of neonatal brain development
A Schuh, A Makropoulos, EC Robinson, L Cordero-Grande, E Hughes, ...
BioRxiv, 251512, 2018
The developing human connectome project neonatal data release
AD Edwards, D Rueckert, SM Smith, S Abo Seada, A Alansary, J Almalbis, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 16, 886772, 2022
Learning-based quality control for cardiac MR images
G Tarroni, O Oktay, W Bai, A Schuh, H Suzuki, J Passerat-Palmbach, ...
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 38 (5), 1127-1138, 2018
Assessing the relationship between movement and airflow in the upper airway using computational fluid dynamics with motion determined from magnetic resonance imaging
AJ Bates, A Schuh, G Amine-Eddine, K McConnell, W Loew, RJ Fleck, ...
Clinical Biomechanics 66, 88-96, 2019
Preterm birth alters the development of cortical microstructure and morphology at term-equivalent age
R Dimitrova, M Pietsch, J Ciarrusta, SP Fitzgibbon, LZJ Williams, ...
NeuroImage 243, 118488, 2021
A deformable model for the reconstruction of the neonatal cortex
A Schuh, A Makropoulos, R Wright, EC Robinson, N Tusor, J Steinweg, ...
2017 IEEE 14th international symposium on biomedical imaging (ISBI 2017 …, 2017
Learning diffeomorphic and modality-invariant registration using b-splines
H Qiu, C Qin, A Schuh, K Hammernik, D Rueckert
Medical imaging with deep learning, 2021
Five-class differential diagnostics of neurodegenerative diseases using random undersampling boosting
T Tong, C Ledig, R Guerrero, A Schuh, J Koikkalainen, A Tolonen, ...
NeuroImage: Clinical 15, 613-624, 2017
Cortical morphology at birth reflects spatiotemporal patterns of gene expression in the fetal human brain
G Ball, J Seidlitz, J O’Muircheartaigh, R Dimitrova, D Fenchel, ...
PLoS biology 18 (11), e3000976, 2020
Development of microstructural and morphological cortical profiles in the neonatal brain
D Fenchel, R Dimitrova, J Seidlitz, EC Robinson, D Batalle, J Hutter, ...
Cerebral Cortex 30 (11), 5767-5779, 2020
Modelling brain development to detect white matter injury in term and preterm born neonates
J O'Muircheartaigh, EC Robinson, M Pietsch, T Wolfers, P Aljabar, ...
Brain 143 (2), 467-479, 2020
A novel method to generate dynamic boundary conditions for airway CFD by mapping upper airway movement with non‐rigid registration of dynamic and static MRI
AJ Bates, A Schuh, K McConnell, BM Williams, JM Lanier, MM Willmering, ...
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering 34 (12 …, 2018
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