Ralph T Muehleisen
Ralph T Muehleisen
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Scalable methodology for large scale building energy improvement: Relevance of calibration in model-based retrofit analysis
Y Heo, G Augenbroe, D Graziano, RT Muehleisen, L Guzowski
Building and Environment 87, 342-350, 2015
Evaluation of calibration efficacy under different levels of uncertainty
Y Heo, DJ Graziano, L Guzowski, RT Muehleisen
Journal of Building Performance Simulation 8 (3), 135-144, 2015
A new parametric equation for the wind pressure coefficient for low-rise buildings
RT Muehleisen, S Patrizi
Energy and Buildings 57, 245-249, 2013
Measurements and empirical model of the acoustic properties of reticulated vitreous carbon
RT Muehleisen, CW Beamer IV, BD Tinianov
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 117 (2), 536-544, 2005
Revealing mechanism responsible for structural reversibility of single-crystal VO2 nanorods upon lithiation/delithiation
Q Liu, G Tan, P Wang, SC Abeyweera, D Zhang, Y Rong, YA Wu, J Lu, ...
Nano Energy 36, 197-205, 2017
A guide to Bayesian calibration of building energy models
M Riddle, RT Muehleisen
Building Simulation Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2014
Comparison of errors in the three-and four-microphone methods used in the measurement of the acoustic properties of porous materials
RT Muehleisen, CW Beamer IV
Acoustics Research Letters Online 3 (4), 112-117, 2002
Acoustics of green buildings
RT Muehleisen
Implications 8 (1), 1-7, 2010
Measurement of the acoustic properties of acoustic absorbers
RT Muehleisen
Illinois Institute of Technology, Muehleisen_plenary_acoustic_materials. pdf, 2007
Modal coupling in acoustic waveguides: planar discontinuities
RT Muehleisen, DC Swanson
Applied Acoustics 63 (12), 1375-1392, 2002
Reflection, radiation, and coupling of higher‐order modes at discontinuities in finite‐length rigid‐walled rectangular ducts
RT Muehleisen
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 100 (6), 3990-3990, 1996
Detection and quantification of building air infiltration using remote acoustic methods
G Raman, K Chelliah, M Prakash, RT Muehleisen
INTER-NOISE and NOISE-CON Congress and Conference Proceedings 249 (3), 3976-3985, 2014
Bayesian Calibration-What, Why And How
RT Muehleisen, J Bergerson
Simple design tools for earth-air heat exchangers
RT Muehleisen
Proceedings of SimBuild 5 (1), 723-730, 2012
An experimental comparison of various methods of nearfield acoustic holography
K Chelliah, G Raman, RT Muehleisen
Journal of Sound and Vibration 403, 21-37, 2017
Photoacoustic sensor
R Muehleisen
US Patent 8,561,454, 2013
Designing future cities: LakeSIM integrated design tool for assessing short and long term impacts of urban scale conceptual designs
J Bergerson, RT Muehleisen, WB Rodda, JA Auld, LB Guzowski, J Ozik, ...
ISOCARP Review 11, 2015
Leveraging inter-firm influence in the diffusion of energy efficiency technologies: An agent-based model
Y Shi, Y Zeng, J Engo, B Han, Y Li, RT Muehleisen
Applied Energy 263, 114641, 2020
Enhanced nearfield acoustic holography for larger distances of reconstructions using fixed parameter Tikhonov regularization
K Chelliah, GG Raman, RT Muehleisen
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 140 (1), 114-120, 2016
Integration of the CEN/ISO monthly building energy model into OpenStudio
RT Muehleisen, B Craig, D Macumber, E Hale, J Turner
ACEEE Summer Study on Energy EfficiencyinBuildings, 2014
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