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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A new approach to antiglaucoma drugs: carbonic anhydrase inhibitors with or without NO donating moieties. Mechanism of action and preliminary pharmacology
F Fabrizi, F Mincione, T Somma, G Scozzafava, F Galassi, E Masini, ...
Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry 27 (1), 138-147, 2012
Trends in food consumptions: what is happening to generation X?
L Casini, C Contini, C Romano, G Scozzafava
British Food Journal, 2015
Some like it healthy: Can socio-demographic characteristics serve as predictors for a healthy food choice?
C Contini, L Casini, V Stefan, C Romano, HJ Juhl, L Lähteenmäki, ...
Food Quality and Preference 46, 103-112, 2015
Inhibition of mammalian carbonic anhydrases I-XIV with grayanotoxin III: solution and in silico studies
S Durdagi, G Scozzafava, D Vullo, H Sahin, S Kolayli, CT Supuran
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry 29 (4), 469-475, 2014
Inhibition of carbonic anhydrase isozymes I and II with natural products extracted from plants, mushrooms and honey
H Sahin, Z Can, O Yildiz, S Kolayli, A Innocenti, G Scozzafava, ...
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry, 1-8, 2012
Using the animal to the last bit: Consumer preferences for different beef cuts
G Scozzafava, AM Corsi, L Casini, C Contini, SM Loose
Appetite 96, 70-79, 2016
Nutraceutical olive oil: does it make the difference?
L Casini, C Contini, N Marinelli, C Romano, G Scozzafava
Nutrition & Food Science, 2014
Territory, environment, and healthiness in traditional food choices: Insights into consumer heterogeneity
F Boncinelli, C Contino, C Romano, G Scozzafava, L Casini
International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 20 (1030-2017-2142 …, 2016
Analysis of Italian consumer preferences for beef
G Scozzafava, L Casini, C Contini
New Medit 13 (1), 66-72, 2014
Wine consumption and sales strategies: The evolution of Mass Retail Trading in Italy
C Contini, C Romano, G Scozzafava, F Boncinelli, L Casini
Wine Economics and Policy 4 (2), 116-127, 2015
Contabilità analitica e sostenibilità economica del settore vitivinicolo: il caso del Chianti Classico
L Casini, AM Corsi, C Daniele, N Marinelli, E Marone, G Scozzafava
Economia e diritto Agroalimentare 17 (1), 83, 2012
Investigating the role of personal and context-related factors in convenience foods consumption
C Contini, F Boncinelli, F Gerini, G Scozzafava, L Casini
Appetite 126, 26-35, 2018
Management accounting in the winegrowing sector: Proposal and development of an" Ad Hoc" control system
L Casini, E Marone, G Scozzafava
Calitatea 15 (138), 70, 2014
Does ‘local’matter in restaurant choice? Results of a discrete choice experiment targeting German and Italian consumers
C Contini, C Romano, F Boncinelli, G Scozzafava, L Casini
Agricultural and Food Economics 5 (1), 21, 2017
Eating out: which restaurant to choose?
G Scozzafava, C Contini, C Romano, L Casini
British Food Journal, 2017
Typical vine or international taste: wine consumers’ dilemma between beliefs and preferences
G Scozzafava, F Boncinelli, C Contini, C Romano, F Gerini, L Casini
Recent patents on food, nutrition & agriculture 8 (1), 31-38, 2016
Evaluation of economic, social and sector impacts of agricultural land loss
I Bernetti, VA Sottini, A Marinelli, N Marinelli, E Marone, S Menghini, ...
Italian Journal of Agronomy, e24-e24, 2013
Heterogeneous preferences with respect to food preparation time: Foodies and quickies
L Casini, F Boncinelli, C Contini, F Gerini, G Scozzafava, F Alfnes
Food Quality and Preference 71, 233-241, 2019
The consumer loves typicality but prefers the international wine
F Boncinelli, L Casini, C Contini, F Gerini, G Scozzafava
Agriculture and agricultural science procedia 8, 236-242, 2016
Food habits and the increase in ready-to-eat and easy-to-prepare products
C Contini, C Romano, G Scozzafava, L Casini
Food hygiene and toxicology in ready-to-eat foods, 3-14, 2016
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