Gianluca Carnabuci
Gianluca Carnabuci
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Where do firms' recombinant capabilities come from? Intraorganizational networks, knowledge, and firms' ability to innovate through technological recombination
G Carnabuci, E Operti
Strategic management journal 34 (13), 1591-1613, 2013
With a little help from my colleagues: A social embeddedness approach to perceived organizational support
JC Hayton, G Carnabuci, R Eisenberger
Journal of Organizational Behavior 33 (2), 235-249, 2012
Knowledge specialization, knowledge brokerage and the uneven growth of technology domains
G Carnabuci, J Bruggeman
Social forces 88 (2), 607-641, 2009
Social networks, cognitive style, and innovative performance: A contingency perspective
G Carnabuci, B Diószegi
Academy of Management Journal 58 (3), 881-905, 2015
How do brokers broker? Tertius gaudens, tertius iungens, and the temporality of structural holes
E Quintane, G Carnabuci
Organization Science 27 (6), 1343-1360, 2016
How do brokers broker? Tertius gaudens, tertius iungens, and the temporality of structural holes
E Quintane, G Carnabuci
Organization Science 27 (6), 1343-1360, 2016
Public knowledge, private gain: The effect of spillover networks on firms’ innovative performance
E Operti, G Carnabuci
Journal of Management 40 (4), 1042-1074, 2014
The ecology of technological progress: How symbiosis and competition affect the growth of technology domains
G Carnabuci
Social forces 88 (5), 2163-2187, 2010
The categorical imperative and structural reproduction: Dynamics of technological entry in the semiconductor industry
G Carnabuci, E Operti, B Kovács
Organization Science 26 (6), 1734-1751, 2015
Risky recombinations: Institutional gatekeeping in the innovation process
JP Ferguson, G Carnabuci
Organization Science 28 (1), 133-151, 2017
A note on structural holes theory and niche overlap
J Bruggeman, G Carnabuci, I Vermeulen
Social networks 25 (1), 97-101, 2003
Emergent leadership structures in informal groups: A dynamic, cognitively informed network model
G Carnabuci, C Emery, D Brinberg
Organization Science 29 (1), 118-133, 2018
A theory of knowledge growth: network analysis of US patents, 1975-1999
G Carnabuci
AmsterdamVossiuspers UvA, 2005
How do brokers broker? An investigation of the temporality of structural holes
E Quintane, G Carnabuci, GL Robins, PE Pattison
Academy of Management Proceedings 1, 1-1, 2012
Back to the future: Career transitions at the dawn of capitalism: The immigration of merchants from the southern Netherlands to Amsterdam, 1578–1602
G Carnabuci, FC Wezel
Organization Studies 32 (12), 1621-1637, 2011
Being there: Patent class contrast and the impact of technological innovations
F Wezel, B Kovacs, G Carnabuci
Unpublished manuscript, University of Lugano, 2014
The distribution of technological progress
G Carnabuci
Empirical Economics 44 (3), 1143-1154, 2013
How do prior ties affect learning by hiring?
V Tandon, G Ertug, G Carnabuci
Journal of Management 46 (2), 287-320, 2020
Knowledge brokering
G Carnabuci
Forthcoming in the Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management (David …, 2014
The risk of recombination: Recombinant breadth, approval hurdles and patent performance
JP Ferguson, G Carnabuci
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