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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A new epirubicin biosensor based on amplifying DNA interactions with polypyrrole and nitrogen-doped reduced graphene: experimental and docking theoretical investigations
A Khodadadi, E Faghih-Mirzaei, H Karimi-Maleh, A Abbaspourrad, ...
Sensors and actuators b: chemical 284, 568-574, 2019
A nanostructure label-free DNA biosensor for ciprofloxacin analysis as a chemotherapeutic agent: an experimental and theoretical investigation
S Cheraghi, MA Taher, H Karimi-Maleh, E Faghih-Mirzaei
New Journal of Chemistry 41 (12), 4985-4989, 2017
Synthesis of CdO nanoparticles using direct chemical precipitation method: Fabrication of novel voltammetric sensor for square wave voltammetry determination of chlorpromazine …
S Ahmadzadeh, F Karimi, N Atar, ER Sartori, E Faghih-Mirzaei, ...
Inorganic and Nano-Metal Chemistry 47 (3), 347-353, 2017
Highly selective detection of titanium (III) in industrial waste water samples using meso-octamethylcalix [4] pyrrole-doped PVC membrane ion-selective electrode
S Ahmadzadeh, M Rezayi, E Faghih-Mirzaei, M Yoosefian, A Kassim
Electrochimica Acta 178, 580-589, 2015
Design, synthesis, and antifungal activity of new α-aminophosphonates
Z Rezaei, S Khabnadideh, K Zomorodian, K Pakshir, S Nadali, ...
International journal of medicinal chemistry 2011, 2011
Essential oil composition and cytotoxic activity of Ducrosia anethifolia and Ducrosia flabellifolia from Iran
S Shahabipour, O Firuzi, M Asadollahi, E Faghihmirzaei, K Javidnia
Journal of Essential Oil Research 25 (2), 160-163, 2013
Design, synthesis, and biological activity of new triazole and nitro-triazole derivatives as antifungal agents
H Sadeghpour, S Khabnadideh, K Zomorodian, K Pakshir, K Hoseinpour, ...
Molecules 22 (7), 1150, 2017
A Powerful DNA-based voltammetric biosensor modified with au nanoparticles, for the determination of temodal; an electrochemical and docking investigation
S Jahandari, MA Taher, H Karimi-Maleh, A Khodadadi, E Faghih-Mirzaei
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 840, 313-318, 2019
Synthesis, spectroscopic studies, DFT calculations, electrochemical evaluation, BSA binding and molecular docking of an aroylhydrazone -based cis-dioxido Mo(VI …
M Mohamadi, E Faghih-Mirzaei, SY Ebrahimipour, I Sheikhshoaie, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1139, 418-429, 2017
Stereoselective reduction of prochiral ketones by plant and microbial biocatalysts
K Javidnia, E Faghih-Mirzaei, R Miri, M Attarroshan, K Zomorodian
Indian journal of pharmaceutical sciences 78 (1), 73, 2016
Synthesis of benzimidazoles in the presence of nano-TiCl4. SiO2 as antifungal agents and tautomerism theoretical study of some products
Synthesis 62, 3, 2014
Efficient, straightforward, catalyst-free synthesis of medicinally important S-alkyl/benzyl dithiocarbamates under green conditions
A Asadipour, Z Shams, K Eskandari, MH Moshafi, E Faghih-Mirzaei, ...
Research on Chemical Intermediates 44 (2), 1295-1304, 2018
Ultrasound-assisted and efficient knoevenagel condensation reaction catalyzed by silica sodium carbonate nanoparticles
Y Pourshojaei, M Nikzad, K Eskandari, MH Darijani, A Hassanzadeh, ...
Croatica Chemica Acta 91 (1), 19-29, 2018
Biotransformation of acetoin to 2, 3-butanediol: Assessment of plant and microbial biocatalysts
K Javidnia, E Faghih-Mirzaei, R Miri, M Attarroshan, K Zomorodian
Research in pharmaceutical sciences 11 (4), 349, 2016
Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modeling study of novel indolizine-1-carbonitrile derivatives as potential anti-microbial agents
E Faghih-Mirzaei, M Seifi, M Abaszadeh, K Zomorodian, H Helali
Iranian journal of pharmaceutical research: IJPR 17 (3), 883, 2018
Synthesis of benzimidazoles in the presence of nano-TiCl4 center dot SiO2 as antifungal agents and tautomerism theoretical study of some products
L Zamani, BBF Mirjalili, K Zomorodian, M Namazian, S Khabnadideh, ...
Farmacia 62 (3), 459-474, 2014
Stereoselective reduction of some β-ketoesters by Brassica rapa and Daucus carota using plant roots and plant cultured cells.
K Javidnia, E FaghihMirzaei, SR Rezazadeh, M Attarroshan, M Gholami, ...
International Journal of ChemTech Research 5 (4), 1744-1749, 2013
Nickel Ferrite (NiFe2O4) Nanoparticles as Magnetically Recyclable Nanocatalyst for Highly Efficient Synthesis of 4H-Chromene Derivatives
Y Pourshojaei, F Zolala, K Eskandari, M Talebi, L Morsali, M Amiri, ...
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 20 (5), 3206-3216, 2020
Metronidazole aryloxy, carboxy and azole derivatives: Synthesis, anti-tumor activity, QSAR, molecular docking and dynamics studies
E Faghih-Mirzaei, S Sabouri, L Zeidabadinejad, S AbdolahRamazani, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 27 (2), 305-314, 2019
Stereoselective biotransformation of estrone to β-estradiol: a comparative study of microbial and plant bioreduction.
E Faghihmirzaei, R Miri, K Zomorodian, M Attarroshan, K Javidnia
Annals of Biological Research 4 (8), 85-89, 2013
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