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Carlos Iglesias Frizzera
Carlos Iglesias Frizzera
Associate Professor (tenured full time) Centro Universitario Regional del Este-Universidad de la
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Impacts of climate warming on lake fish community structure and potential effects on ecosystem function
E Jeppesen, M Meerhoff, K Holmgren, I González-Bergonzoni, ...
Hydrobiologia 646 (1), 73-90, 2010
Effects of habitat complexity on community structure and predator avoidance behaviour of littoral zooplankton in temperate versus subtropical shallow lakes
M Meerhoff, C Iglesias, FT De Mello, JM Clemente, E Jensen, ...
Freshwater Biology 52 (6), 1009-1021, 2007
Can warm climate‐related structure of littoral predator assemblies weaken the clear water state in shallow lakes?
M Meerhoff, JM Clemente, FT de MELLO, C Iglesias, AR Pedersen, ...
Global Change Biology 13 (9), 1888-1897, 2007
High predation is of key importance for dominance of small-bodied zooplankton in warm shallow lakes: evidence from lakes, fish exclosures and surface sediments
C Iglesias, N Mazzeo, M Meerhoff, G Lacerot, JM Clemente, F Scasso, ...
Hydrobiologia 667 (1), 133-147, 2011
Environmental warming in shallow lakes: a review of potential changes in community structure as evidenced from space-for-time substitution approaches
M Meerhoff, F Teixeira-de Mello, C Kruk, C Alonso, ...
Advances in ecological research 46, 259-349, 2012
Horizontal dynamics of Zooplankton in subtropical Lake Bianca (Uruguay) hosting multiple Zooplankton predators and aquatic plant refuges
C Iglesias, G Goyenola, N Mazzeo, M Meerhoff, E Rodo, E Jeppesen
Shallow Lakes in a Changing World, 179-189, 2007
Field and experimental evidence of the effect of Jenynsia multidentata, a small omnivorous–planktivorous fish, on the size distribution of zooplankton in subtropical …
C Iglesias, N Mazzeo, G Goyenola, C Fosalba, F TEIXEIRA DE MELLO, ...
Freshwater Biology 53 (9), 1797-1807, 2008
Ontogenetic allometric coefficient changes: implications of diet shift and morphometric traits in Hoplias malabaricus (Bloch) (Characiforme, Erythrinidae)
F Teixeirade Mello, C Iglesias, AI Borthagaray, N Mazzeo, J Vilches, ...
Journal of Fish biology 69 (6), 1770-1778, 2006
Phytoplankton community structure in five subtropical shallow lakes with different trophic status (Uruguay): a morphology-based approach
JP Pacheco, C Iglesias, M Meerhoff, C Fosalba, G Goyenola, ...
Hydrobiologia 646 (1), 187-197, 2010
Seasonal and diel changes in fish activity and potential cascading effects in subtropical shallow lakes with different water transparency
M Gelós, F Teixeira-de Mello, G Goyenola, C Iglesias, C Fosalba, ...
Hydrobiologia 646 (1), 173-185, 2010
Trophic cascade effects of Hoplias malabaricus (Characiformes, Erythrinidae) in subtropical lakes food webs: a mesocosm approach
N Mazzeo, C Iglesias, F Teixeira-de Mello, A Borthagaray, C Fosalba, ...
Hydrobiologia 644 (1), 325-335, 2010
Stable isotope analysis confirms substantial differences between subtropical and temperate shallow lake food webs
C Iglesias, M Meerhoff, LS Johansson, I González-Bergonzoni, N Mazzeo, ...
Hydrobiologia 784 (1), 111-123, 2017
Analysis of the reproductive strategy of Jenynsia multidentata (Cyprinodontiformes, Anablepidae) with focus on sexual differences in growth, size, and abundance
G Goyenola, C Iglesias, N Mazzeo, E Jeppesen
Hydrobiologia 673 (1), 245-257, 2011
Alternative food sources of native and non-native bivalves in a subtropical eutrophic lake
S Marroni, C Iglesias, N Mazzeo, J Clemente, FT de Mello, JP Pacheco
Hydrobiologia, 1-14, 2013
What can resting egg banks tell about cladoceran diversity in a shallow subtropical lake?
M Gerhard, C Iglesias, JM Clemente, G Goyenola, M Meerhoff, ...
Hydrobiologia 798 (1), 75-86, 2017
Monitoring fish communities in wadeable lowland streams: comparing the efficiency of electrofishing methods at contrasting fish assemblages
F Teixeira-de Mello, EA Kristensen, M Meerhoff, I González-Bergonzoni, ...
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 186 (3), 1665-1677, 2014
Impacts of climate warming on lake sh community structure and potential effects on ecosystem function
E Jeppesen, M Meerhoff, K Holmgren, I Gonzalez-Bergonzoni, ...
Hydrobiologia 646, 7390, 2010
Length–weight relationships of eight fish species from the lower section of the Uruguay River (Río Negro, Uruguay)
F Teixeira de Mello, N Vidal, I Gonzalez‐Bergonzoni, C Iglesias
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 25 (1), 128-129, 2009
How free-floating macrophytes influence interactions between planktivorous fish and zooplankton in tropical environments? An in-lake mesocosm approach
NG Dos Santos, LR Stephan, A Otero, C Iglesias, MSM Castilho-Noll
Hydrobiologia 847 (5), 1357-1370, 2020
Fish but not macroinvertebrates promote trophic cascading effects in high density submersed plant experimental lake food webs in two contrasting climate regions
C Iglesias, E Jeppesen, N Mazzeo, JP Pacheco, FT Mello, F Landkildehus, ...
Water 9 (7), 514, 2017
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