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İsmail Tontul
İsmail Tontul
Necmettin Erbakan University, Department of Food Engineering
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Spray-drying of fruit and vegetable juices: effect of drying conditions on the product yield and physical properties
I Tontul, A Topuz
Trends in Food Science & Technology 63, 91-102, 2017
Microencapsulation of probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. boulardii with different wall materials by spray drying
S Arslan, M Erbas, I Tontul, A Topuz
LWT-Food Science and Technology 63 (1), 685-690, 2015
Effects of different drying methods on the physicochemical properties of pomegranate leather (pestil)
I Tontul, A Topuz
LWT 80, 294-303, 2017
Functional properties of chickpea protein isolates dried by refractance window drying
İ Tontul, Z Kasimoglu, S Asik, T Atbakan, A Topuz
International journal of biological macromolecules 109, 1253-1259, 2018
A comparative study on phenolic composition, antioxidant activity and essential oil content of wild and cultivated sage (Salvia fruticosa Miller) as influenced by storage
C Dincer, A Topuz, H Sahin-Nadeem, KS Ozdemir, IB Cam, I Tontul, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 39, 170-176, 2012
Phenolic composition and antioxidant activity of Salvia tomentosa Miller: effects of cultivation, harvesting year, and storage
C Dinçer, İ Tontul, İB Çam, KS Özdemir, A Topuz, HŞ NADEEM, ST AY, ...
Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry 37 (5), 561-567, 2013
Physicochemical properties of Turkish green tea powder: effects of shooting period, shading, and clone
A Topuz, C Dinçer, M Torun, I Tontul, HŞ NADEEM, A Haznedar, ...
Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry 38 (2), 233-241, 2014
Mixture design approach in wall material selection and evaluation of ultrasonic emulsification in flaxseed oil microencapsulation
I Tontul, A Topuz
Drying Technology 31 (12), 1362-1373, 2013
A comparative study of black mulberry juice concentrates by thermal evaporation and osmotic distillation as influenced by storage
C Dincer, I Tontul, A Topuz
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 38, 57-64, 2016
Physical and microbiological properties of yoghurt powder produced by refractance window drying
İ Tontul, F Ergin, E Eroğlu, A Küçükçetin, A Topuz
International Dairy Journal 85, 169-176, 2018
Comparative study on volatile compounds in Turkish green tea powder: impact of tea clone, shading level and shooting period
I Tontul, M Torun, C Dincer, H Sahin-Nadeem, A Topuz, T Turna, ...
Food Research International 53 (2), 744-750, 2013
Convective and refractance window drying of cornelian cherry pulp: Effect on physicochemical properties
I Tontul, E Eroğlu, A Topuz
Journal of Food Process Engineering 41 (8), e12917, 2018
Irrigation water salinity effects on oregano (Origanum onites L.) water use, yield and quality parameters
NE Hancioglu, A Kurunc, I Tontul, A Topuz
Scientia Horticulturae 247, 327-334, 2019
Influence of emulsion composition and ultrasonication time on flaxseed oil powder properties
I Tontul, A Topuz
Powder Technology 264, 54-60, 2014
Effect of vegetable proteins on physical characteristics of spray-dried tomato powders.
I Tontul, A Topuz, O Ceren, M Karacan
Food Science and Technology International, 2016
Microbial viability, physicochemical and sensory properties of kefir microcapsules prepared using maltodextrin/Arabic gum mixes
Z Nale, I Tontul, A Aşçi Arslan, H Sahin Nadeem, A Kucukcetin
International Journal of Dairy Technology 71, 61-72, 2018
Optimization of green extraction of phytochemicals from red grape pomace by homogenizer assisted extraction
V Eyiz, I Tontul, S Turker
Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization 14, 39-47, 2020
Production of pomegranate fruit leather (pestil) using different hydrocolloid mixtures: An optimization study by mixture design
I Tontul, A Topuz
Journal of Food Process Engineering 41 (3), e12657, 2018
The effect of edible coatings on physical and chemical characteristics of fruit bars
V Eyiz, İ Tontul, S Türker
Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization 14, 1775-1783, 2020
Optimization of aqueous extraction and spray drying conditions for efficient processing of hibiscus blended rosehip tea powder
E Eroğlu, İ Tontul, A Topuz
Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 42 (6), e13643, 2018
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