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Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain
Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain
Professor, Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Water Stress in Plants: Causes, Effects and Responses
SYS Lisar, R Motafakkerazad, HM Mosharraf, RMM Ismail
Water Stress, Editors: Ismail M. M. Rahman, Hiroshi Ha, 1–14, 2012
Electrochemical biosensors for medical and food applications
MU Ahmed, MM Hossain, E Tamiya
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Meat species identification based on the loop mediated isothermal amplification and electrochemical DNA sensor
MU Ahmed, Q Hasan, MM Hossain, M Saito, E Tamiya
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Toward the development of smart and low cost point-of-care biosensors based on screen printed electrodes
MU Ahmed, MM Hossain, M Safavieh, YL Wong, MZ Ibrahim Abd Rahman, ...
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Electrochemical genosensor for the rapid detection of GMO using loop-mediated isothermal amplification
MU Ahmed, M Saito, MM Hossain, SR Rao, S Furui, A Hino, Y Takamura, ...
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Rapid detection for primary screening of influenza A virus: microfluidic RT-PCR chip and electrochemical DNA sensor
K Yamanaka, M Saito, K Kondoh, MM Hossain, R Koketsu, T Sasaki, ...
Analyst 136 (10), 2064-2068, 2011
Knowledge, attitudes, and practices toward the novel coronavirus among Bangladeshis: Implications for mitigation measures
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PloS one 15 (9), e0238492, 2020
Trends and advances in food analysis by real-time polymerase chain reaction
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Characterization of ship breaking industry in Bangladesh
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Non-invasive characterization of mouse embryonic stem cell derived cardiomyocytes based on the intensity variation in digital beating video
MM Hossain, E Shimizu, M Saito, SR Rao, Y Yamaguchi, E Tamiya
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Vegetative propagation of Litsea monopetala, a wild tropical medicinal plant: Effects of indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) on stem cuttings
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Stagnant surface water bodies (SSWBs) as an alternative water resource for the Chittagong metropolitan area of Bangladesh: physicochemical characterization in terms of water …
IM Rahman, MM Islam, MM Hossain, MS Hossain, ZA Begum, ...
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Analyzing multi-temporal satellite imagery and stakeholders' perceptions to have an insight into how forest co-management is changing the protected area landscapes in Bangladesh
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Environmental hazards associated with open-beach breaking of end-of-life ships: a review
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Economic Valuation of Tangible Resources From Halda–The Carp Spawning Unique River Located at Southern Part of Bangladesh
MH Kabir, MM Kibria, M Jashimuddin, MM Hossain
International Journal of Water Research 1 (2), 30-36, 2013
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