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Helmi Attia
Helmi Attia
McGill University, National Research Council Canada
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
High performance cutting of advanced aerospace alloys and composite materials
R M'Saoubi, D Axinte, SL Soo, C Nobel, H Attia, G Kappmeyer, S Engin, ...
CIRP Annals 64 (2), 557-580, 2015
Cryogenic manufacturing processes
IS Jawahir, H Attia, D Biermann, J Duflou, F Klocke, D Meyer, ST Newman, ...
CIRP annals 65 (2), 713-736, 2016
Wear mechanisms and tool life management of WC–Co drills during dry high speed drilling of woven carbon fibre composites
S Rawat, H Attia
Wear 267 (5-8), 1022-1030, 2009
Wear mechanisms of WC coated and uncoated tools in finish turning of Inconel 718
A Bhatt, H Attia, R Vargas, V Thomson
Tribology International 43 (5-6), 1113-1121, 2010
Advances in material and friction data for modelling of metal machining
SN Melkote, W Grzesik, J Outeiro, J Rech, V Schulze, H Attia, PJ Arrazola, ...
Cirp Annals 66 (2), 731-754, 2017
Laser-assisted high-speed finish turning of superalloy Inconel 718 under dry conditions
H Attia, S Tavakoli, R Vargas, V Thomson
CIRP annals 59 (1), 83-88, 2010
Characterization of the dry high speed drilling process of woven composites using Machinability Maps approach
S Rawat, H Attia
CIRP annals 58 (1), 105-108, 2009
Laser assisted turning of titanium metal matrix composite
R Bejjani, B Shi, H Attia, M Balazinski
CIRP annals 60 (1), 61-64, 2011
Standardization of fretting fatigue test methods and equipment
MH Attia, RB Waterhouse
ASTM International, 1992
Power and wheel wear for grinding nickel alloy with plated CBN wheels
C Guo, Z Shi, H Attia, D McIntosh
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Characterization and optimization of orbital drilling of woven carbon fiber reinforced epoxy laminates
A Sadek, M Meshreki, MH Attia
CIRP annals 61 (1), 123-126, 2012
Fretting fatigue and wear damage of structural components in nuclear power stations—Fitness for service and life management perspective
MH Attia
Tribology International 39 (10), 1294-1304, 2006
Characterization and optimization of vibration-assisted drilling of fibre reinforced epoxy laminates
A Sadek, MH Attia, M Meshreki, B Shi
CIRP Annals 62 (1), 91-94, 2013
Flow visualization and characterization for optimized MQL machining of composites
Y Iskandar, A Tendolkar, MH Attia, P Hendrick, A Damir, C Diakodimitris
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Numerical and experimental investigation of laser-assisted machining of Inconel 718
B Shi, H Attia, R Vargas, S Tavakoli
Machining Science and Technology 12 (4), 498-513, 2008
Identification of material constitutive laws for machining—part I: an analytical model describing the stress, strain, strain rate, and temperature fields in the primary shear …
B Shi, H Attia, N Tounsi
Tool condition monitoring for high-performance machining systems—A review
A Mohamed, M Hassan, R M’Saoubi, H Attia
Sensors 22 (6), 2206, 2022
Distortion in thermal field around inserted thermocouples in experimental interfacial studies, part 4: End effect
MH Attia, A Cameron, L Kops
J. Manuf. Sci. Eng. 124 (1), 135-145, 2002
On the fretting wear mechanism of Zr-alloys
MH Attia
Tribology international 39 (10), 1320-1326, 2006
Chip formation and microstructure evolution in the adiabatic shear band when machining titanium metal matrix composites
R Bejjani, M Balazinski, H Attia, P Plamondon, G L’Éspérance
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 109, 137-146, 2016
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