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Abhishek K. Rai
Abhishek K. Rai
Faculty, CORAL, IIT Kharagpur
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Groundwater quality assessment in the Lower Ganga Basin using entropy information theory and GIS
MSU Hasan, AK Rai
Journal of Cleaner Production 274, 123077, 2020
Seismic evidence of bending and unbending of subducting oceanic crust and the presence of mantle megathrust in the 2004 Great Sumatra earthquake rupture zone
SC Singh, APS Chauhan, AJ Calvert, ND Hananto, D Ghosal, A Rai, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 321, 166-176, 2012
Analysis of Heat Stress and Heat wave in the four Metropolitan Cities of India in recent period
P Kumar, AK Rai, A Upadhayay, A Chakraborty
Science of the Total Environment, 2021
Seismic signatures of the Pan‐African orogeny: implications for southern Indian high‐grade terranes
A Rai, VK Gaur, SS Rai, K Priestley
Geophysical Journal International 176 (2), 518-528, 2009
Estimation of Seismic Hazard in Odisha by Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
S Dhar, AK Rai, P Nayak
Natural Hazards 84 (250), 1-15, 2016
Hydrothermal seismicity beneath the summit of Lucky Strike volcano, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Wayne, C.Crawford, Abhishek Rai, Satish C. Singh
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 373, 118-128, 2013
The origin of the asymmetry in the Iceland hotspot along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from continental breakup to present-day
Samuel M. Howella, G. Ito, A. J. Breivik, A Rai
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 392, 143+153, 2014
Upper mantle anisotropy beneath northeast India–Asia collision zone from shear-wave splitting analysis
D Hazarika, DK Yadav, V Sriram, A Rai
International Journal of Earth Sciences 102, 2061-2076, 2013
Assessing flood-induced ecological vulnerability and risk using GIS based in situ measurements in Bhagirathi sub-basin, India
S Rehman, MSU Hasan, AK Rai, R Avtar, H Sajjad
Arabian J. of Geosciences 14 (1520), 2021
Integrated Approach for Spatial Flood Susceptibility Assessment in Bhagirathi Sub-basin, India using Entropy Information Theory and Geospatial Technology
S Rehman, HS Hasan, A. K. Rai, Ram Avtar
Risk Analysis, 1-16, 2022
Crustal stress patterns: analysis of Ps splitting for seismic anisotropy
A Rai, SS Rai, VK Gaur
Current Science 94 (07), 911, 2008
Estimating suitability of groundwater for drinking and irrigation, in Odisha (India) by statistical and WQI methods
S Goswami, AK Rai
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 194 (7), doi.org/10.1007/s10661-022 …, 2022
Re-visiting Geothermal Fluid Circulation, Reservoir Depth and Temperature of Geothermal Springs of India
S Goswami, AK Rai, S Tripathy
Journal of Hydrology 612 (A), doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2022.128131, 2022
Hydrometeorological consequences on the water balance in the Ganga river system under changing climatic conditions using land surface model
MSU Hasan, AK Rai, Z Ahmad, F Alfaisal, M Khan, S Alam, M Sahana
Journal of King Saud University 34, 1-34, 2022
Evaluating Groundwater Prospects Using GIS Techniques
P Nayak, AK Rai, S Tripathy
Sustainable Water Resources Management, 2017
Earthquake vulnerability in the Himalaya by integrated multi-criteria decision models
S Malakar, AK Rai
Natural Hazards, 2021
The May 21st 2014 Bay of Bengal earthquake: implications for intraplate stress regime
AK Rai, S Tripathy, SC Sahu
Current Science 108 (9), 1706-1712, 2015
Biological control of stalk borer, Chilo auricilius Dudg. in sugarcane belt of U.P.
AK Rai, MA Khan, SK Sukhjeet Kaur
Estimating seismic vulnerability in West Bengal by AHP-WSM and AHP-VIKOR
S Malakar, AK Rai
Natural Hazards Research, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nhres.2023.06., 2023
Suitability of the Lower Ganga Basin Groundwater for Irrigation, using Hydrogeochemical Parameters and Land use Dynamics
MSU Hasan, AK Rai
Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res., doi.org/10.1007/s11356-022-24708-9, 2023
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