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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Adaptive responses of animals to climate change are most likely insufficient
V Radchuk, T Reed, C Teplitsky, M van de Pol, A Charmantier, C Hassall, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 3109, 2019
Effects of malaria double infection in birds: one plus one is not two
A Marzal, S Bensch, M Reviriego, J Balbontin, F De Lope
Journal of evolutionary biology 21 (4), 979-987, 2008
Individual responses in spring arrival date to ecological conditions during winter and migration in a migratory bird
J Balbontín, AP Møller, IG Hermosell, A Marzal, M Reviriego, F De Lope
Journal of animal ecology 78 (5), 981-989, 2009
Identifying suitable habitat for dispersal in Bonelli’s eagle: an important issue in halting its decline in Europe
J Balbontín
Biological Conservation 126 (1), 74-83, 2005
Variations in the age of mates as an early warning signal of changes in population trends? The case of Bonelli's eagle in Andalusia
J Balbontın, V Penteriani, M Ferrer
Biological Conservation 109 (3), 417-423, 2003
Simultaneous effects of age and territory quality on fecundity in Bonelli's Eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus
V Penteriani, J Balbontin, M Ferrer
Ibis 145 (2), E77-E82, 2003
The proportion of immature breeders as a reliable early warning signal of population decline: evidence from the Spanish imperial eagle in Donana
M Ferrer, V Penteriani, J Balbontın, M Pandolfi
Biological Conservation 114 (3), 463-466, 2003
Nesting habitat selection by booted eagles Hieraaetus pennatus and implications for management
S Suárez, J Balbontín, M Ferrer
Journal of Applied Ecology: Standard Papers 37 (2), 215-223, 2000
Age‐related change in breeding performance in early life is associated with an increase in competence in the migratory barn swallow Hirundo rustica
J Balbontin, IG Hermosell, A Marzal, M Reviriego, F De Lope, AP Möller
Journal of Animal Ecology 76 (5), 915-925, 2007
From local monitoring to a broad‐scale viability assessment: a case study for the Bonelli's Eagle in western Europe
A Hernández-Matías, J Real, M Moleón, L Palma, JA Sánchez-Zapata, ...
Ecological Monographs 83 (2), 239-261, 2013
Senescent sperm performance in old male birds
AP Møller, TA Mousseau, G Rudolfsen, J Balbontín, A Marzal, I Hermosell, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22 (2), 334-344, 2009
Land‐use changes may explain the recent range expansion of the Black‐shouldered Kite Elanus caeruleus in southern Europe
J Balbontín, JJ Negro, JH Sarasola, JJ Ferrero, D Rivera
Ibis 150 (4), 707-716, 2008
A longitudinal study of age‐related changes in Haemoproteus infection in a passerine bird
A Marzal, J Balbontín, M Reviriego, L García‐Longoria, C Relinque, ...
Oikos 125 (8), 1092-1099, 2016
Plasma chemistry in booted eagle (Hieraaetus pennatus) during breeding season
E Casado, J Balbontin, M Ferrer
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative …, 2002
Assessing multivariate constraints to evolution across ten long-term avian studies
C Teplitsky, M Tarka, AP Møller, S Nakagawa, J Balbontin, TA Burke, ...
PLoS One 9 (3), e90444, 2014
Quantitative genetics of migration syndromes: a study of two barn swallow populations
C Teplitsky, NG Mouawad, J Balbontin, F De Lope, AP Møller
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24 (9), 2025-2039, 2011
Co‐infections by malaria parasites decrease feather growth but not feather quality in house martin
A Marzal, M Asghar, L Rodríguez, M Reviriego, IG Hermosell, J Balbontín, ...
Journal of Avian Biology 44 (5), 437-444, 2013
Environmental conditions during early life accelerate the rate of senescence in a short‐lived passerine bird
J Balbontín, AP Møller
Ecology 96 (4), 948-959, 2015
Divergent patterns of impact of environmental conditions on life history traits in two populations of a long-distance migratory bird
J Balbontín, AP Møller, IG Hermosell, A Marzal, M Reviriego, F De Lope
Oecologia 159, 859-872, 2009
Movements of juvenile Bonelli's Eagles Aquila fasciata during dispersal
J Balbontín, M Ferrer
Bird Study 56 (1), 86-95, 2009
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