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Geoffrey H. Howarth
Geoffrey H. Howarth
Senior Lecturer, University of Cape Town, South Africa
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Two stages of immiscible liquid separation in the formation of Panzhihua-type Fe-Ti-V oxide deposits, SW China
MF Zhou, WT Chen, CY Wang, SA Prevec, PP Liu, GH Howarth
Geoscience Frontiers 4 (5), 481-502, 2013
Superplume metasomatism: Evidence from Siberian mantle xenoliths
GH Howarth, PH Barry, JF Pernet-Fisher, IP Baziotis, NP Pokhilenko, ...
Lithos 184, 209-224, 2014
What Martian meteorites reveal about the interior and surface of Mars
A Udry, GH Howarth, CDK Herd, JMD Day, TJ Lapen, J Filiberto
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 125 (12), e2020JE006523, 2020
Discriminating between pyroxenite and peridotite sources for continental flood basalts (CFB) in southern Africa using olivine chemistry
GH Howarth, C Harris
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 475, 143-151, 2017
Assimilation of carbonate country rock by the parent magma of the Panzhihua Fe-Ti-V deposit (SW China): Evidence from stable isotopes
C Ganino, C Harris, NT Arndt, SA Prevec, GH Howarth
Geoscience Frontiers 4 (5), 547-554, 2013
Cretaceous erosion in central South Africa: Evidence from upper-crustal xenoliths in kimberlite diatremes
EK Hanson, JM Moore, EM Bordy, JS Marsh, G Howarth, JVA Robey
South African Journal of Geology 112 (2), 125-140, 2009
Multi-stage kimberlite evolution tracked in zoned olivine from the Benfontein sill, South Africa
GH Howarth, LA Taylor
Lithos 262, 384-397, 2016
Timing of Ti-magnetite crystallisation and silicate disequilibrium in the Panzhihua mafic layered intrusion: Implications for ore-forming processes
GH Howarth, SA Prevec, MF Zhou
Lithos 170, 73-89, 2013
Plume impingement on the Siberian SCLM: Evidence from Re–Os isotope systematics
JF Pernet-Fisher, GH Howarth, DG Pearson, S Woodland, PH Barry, ...
Lithos 218, 141-154, 2015
Composition and emplacement of the Benfontein kimberlite sill complex (Kimberley, South Africa): Textural, petrographic and melt inclusion constraints
A Abersteiner, VS Kamenetsky, K Goemann, A Giuliani, GH Howarth, ...
Lithos 324, 297-314, 2019
Komsomolskaya diamondiferous eclogites: evidence for oceanic crustal protoliths
JF Pernet-Fisher, GH Howarth, Y Liu, PH Barry, L Carmody, JW Valley, ...
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 167, 1-17, 2014
Evidence for the exsolution of Cl-rich fluids in martian magmas: Apatite petrogenesis in the enriched lherzolitic shergottite Northwest Africa 7755
GH Howarth, JF Pernet-Fisher, RJ Bodnar, LA Taylor
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 166, 234-248, 2015
Hydration vs. oxidation: Modelling implications for Fe–Ti oxide crystallisation in mafic intrusions, with specific reference to the Panzhihua intrusion, SW China
GH Howarth, SA Prevec
Geoscience Frontiers 4 (5), 555-569, 2013
Two‐stage polybaric formation of the new enriched, pyroxene‐oikocrystic, lherzolitic shergottite, NWA 7397
GH Howarth, JF Pernet‐Fisher, JB Balta, PH Barry, RJ Bodnar, LA Taylor
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 49 (10), 1812-1830, 2014
Estimating the lunar mantle water budget from phosphates: Complications associated with silicate-liquid-immiscibility
JF Pernet-Fisher, GH Howarth, Y Liu, Y Chen, LA Taylor
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 144, 326-341, 2014
Mantle source to near-surface emplacement of enriched and intermediate poikilitic shergottites in Mars
RR Rahib, A Udry, GH Howarth, J Gross, M Paquet, LM Combs, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 266, 463-496, 2019
Olivine megacryst chemistry, Monastery kimberlite: Constraints on the mineralogy of the HIMU mantle reservoir in southern Africa
GH Howarth
Lithos 314, 658-668, 2018
Low water contents in diamond mineral inclusions: proto-genetic origin in a dry cratonic lithosphere
LA Taylor, AM Logvinova, GH Howarth, Y Liu, AH Peslier, GR Rossman, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 433, 125-132, 2016
Trace element, PGE, and Sr–Nd isotope geochemistry of the Panzhihua mafic layered intrusion, SW China: Constraints on ore-forming processes and evolution of parent magma at …
GH Howarth, SA Prevec
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 120, 459-478, 2013
Petrology of the hypabyssal kimberlite of the Kroonstad group II kimberlite (orangeite) cluster, South Africa: Evolution of the magma within the cluster
GH Howarth, E Michael, W Skinner, SA Prevec
Lithos 125 (1-2), 795-808, 2011
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