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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Ecological impacts of global warming and water abstraction on lakes and reservoirs due to changes in water level and related changes in salinity
E Jeppesen, S Brucet, L Naselli-Flores, E Papastergiadou, K Stefanidis, ...
Hydrobiologia 750 (1), 201-227, 2015
The influence of water level on macrophyte growth and trophic interactions in eutrophic Mediterranean shallow lakes: a mesocosm experiment with and without fish
T Bucak, ECE SaraoĞLu, ETİE LEVİ, Ü Nihan Tavşanoğlu, ...
Freshwater Biology 57 (8), 1631-1642, 2012
Modeling the effects of climatic and land use changes on phytoplankton and water quality of the largest Turkish freshwater lake: Lake Beyşehir
T Bucak, D Trolle, ÜN Tavşanoğlu, Aİ Çakıroğlu, A Özen, E Jeppesen, ...
Science of the Total Environment 621, 802-816, 2018
Impacts of multiple stressors on freshwater biota across spatial scales and ecosystems
S Birk, D Chapman, L Carvalho, BM Spears, HE Andersen, C Argillier, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 4 (8), 1060-1068, 2020
Future water availability in the largest freshwater Mediterranean lake is at great risk as evidenced from simulations with the SWAT model
T Bucak, D Trolle, HE Andersen, H Thodsen, Ş Erdoğan, EE Levi, N Filiz, ...
Science of the Total Environment 581, 413-425, 2017
Similarity between contemporary vegetation and plant remains in the surface sediment in Mediterranean lakes
EİE Levİ, Aİ Çakıroğlu, T Bucak, BV Odgaard, TA Davidson, E Jeppesen, ...
Freshwater Biology 59 (4), 724-736, 2014
Restoration of eutrophic lakes with fluctuating water levels: A 20-year monitoring study of two inter-connected lakes
M Beklioğlu, T Bucak, J Coppens, G Bezirci, ÜN Tavşanoğlu, Aİ Çakıroğlu, ...
Water 9 (2), 127, 2017
Size-based diel migration of zooplankton in Mediterranean shallow lakes assessed from in situ experiments with artificial plants
ÜN Tavşanoğlu, S Brucet, EE Levi, T Bucak, G Bezirci, A Özen, ...
Hydrobiologia 753 (1), 47-59, 2015
Relatedness between contemporary and subfossil cladoceran assemblages in Turkish lakes
Aİ Çakıroğlu, ÜN Tavşanoğlu, EE Levi, TA Davidson, T Bucak, A Özen, ...
Journal of Paleolimnology 52 (4), 367-383, 2014
The future depends on what we do today–Projecting Europe's surface water quality into three different future scenarios
L Mack, HE Andersen, M Beklioğlu, T Bucak, RM Couture, F Cremona, ...
Science of the total environment 668, 470-484, 2019
Water level and fish-mediated cascading effects on the microbial community in eutrophic warm shallow lakes: a mesocosm experiment
A Özen, T Bucak, ÜN Tavşanoğlu, Aİ Çakıroğlu, EE Levi, J Coppens, ...
Hydrobiologia 740 (1), 25-35, 2014
Influences of climate and nutrient enrichment on the multiple trophic levels of Turkish shallow lakes
M Beklioğlu, T Bucak, EE Levi, Ş Erdoğan, A Özen, N Filiz, G Bezirci, ...
Inland Waters 10 (2), 173-185, 2020
Impact of nutrients and water level changes on submerged macrophytes along a temperature gradient: A pan‐European mesocosm experiment
Z Ersoy, U Scharfenberger, DL Baho, T Bucak, T Feldmann, J Hejzlar, ...
Global Change Biology 26 (12), 6831-6851, 2020
The Impacts of climate change and land use on the ecosystem structure and services of Lake Beyşehir
T Bucak
Determinants of phytoplankton size structure in warm, shallow lakes
Ş Erdoğan, M Beklİoğlu, E Litchman, ET Miller, EE Levі, T Bucak, ...
Journal of Plankton Research 43 (3), 353-366, 2021
Mapping the Establishment and Invasiveness Potential of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Turkey: With Special Emphasis on the Conservation of Native Salmonids
B Yoğurtçuoğlu, T Bucak, FG Ekmekçi, C Kaya, AS Tarkan
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8, 526, 2021
Do changes in climate and land use pose a risk to the future water availability of Mediterranean Lakes?
T Bucak, D Trolle, HE Andersen, H Thodsen, Ş Erdoğan, EE Levi, N Filiz, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2016, GC21D-1127, 2016
Modelling Future Ecosystem Services of Lake Beyşehir
T Bucak, D Trolle, Ş ERDOĞAN, Aİ Çakıroğlu, N Tavşanoğlu, G Bezirci, ...
null, 2016
Restorationofeutrophicationindroughtstrickenlakesinmediterraneanclimaticregion a system of heavily eutrophic and relatively control lakes
M BEKLİOĞLU, Ş ERDOĞAN, A ÖZEN, N Tavşanoğlu, J Coppens, E Levi, ...
null, 2016
A north-south divide in Europe: how projected changes in water quality differ depending on climate and land management
A Wade, R Skeffington, R Couture, M Erlandsson, S Groot, S Halliday, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EPSC2016-10047, 2016
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