Ho-fung Leung
Ho-fung Leung
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
On agent-mediated electronic commerce
M He, NR Jennings, H Leung
Applied Artificial Intelligence 14 (9), 867-879, 2000
On agent-mediated electronic commerce
M He, NR Jennings, HF Leung
IEEE Transactions on knowledge and data engineering 15 (4), 985-1003, 2003
A fuzzy constraint based model for bilateral, multi-issue negotiations in semi-competitive environments
X Luo, NR Jennings, N Shadbolt, H Leung, JH Lee
Artificial Intelligence 148 (1-2), 53-102, 2003
A fuzzy-logic based bidding strategy for autonomous agents in continuous double auctions
M He, H Leung, NR Jennings
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and data Engineering 15 (6), 1345-1363, 2003
Typicality-based collaborative filtering recommendation
Y Cai, H Leung, Q Li, H Min, J Tang, J Li
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 26 (3), 766-779, 2013
Prioritised fuzzy constraint satisfaction problems: axioms, instantiation and validation
X Luo, JH Lee, H Leung, NR Jennings
Fuzzy sets and systems 136 (2), 151-188, 2003
Towards ontology learning from folksonomies.
J Tang, H Leung, Q Luo, D Chen, J Gong
IJCAI 9, 2089-2094, 2009
Product aspect extraction supervised with online domain knowledge
T Wang, Y Cai, H Leung, RYK Lau, Q Li, H Min
Knowledge-Based Systems 71, 86-100, 2014
Agents in e-commerce: state of the art
M He, H Leung
Knowledge and Information Systems 4 (3), 257-282, 2002
Towards ubiquitous tourist service coordination and process integration: A collaborative travel agent system architecture with semantic web services
DKW Chiu, YTF Yueh, H Leung, PCK Hung
Information Systems Frontiers 11 (3), 241-256, 2009
An adaptive attitude bidding strategy for agents in continuous double auctions
H Ma, HF Leung
Electronic Commerce Research and Applications 6 (4), 383-398, 2007
A multi-modal agent based mobile route advisory system for public transport network
DKW Chiu, OKF Lee, H Leung, EWK Au, MCW Wong
Proceedings of the 38th annual Hawaii international conference on System …, 2005
A constraint-based interactive train rescheduling tool
CK Chiu, CM Chou, JHM Lee, H Leung, YW Leung
Constraints 7 (2), 167-198, 2002
Towards ubiquitous tourist service coordination and integration: a multi-agent and semantic web approach
DKW Chiu, H Leung
Proceedings of the 7th international conference on Electronic commerce, 574-581, 2005
A three-tier view methodology for adapting M-services
DKW Chiu, SC Cheung, E Kafeza, HF Leung
IEEE TSMC, Part A 33 (6), 725-741, 2003
ABiNeS: An adaptive bilateral negotiating strategy over multiple items
J Hao, HF Leung
2012 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conferences on Web Intelligence and …, 2012
Extending GENET for non-binary CSP's
JHM Lee, HF Leung, HW Won
Proceedings of 7th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial …, 1995
On the making of service recommendations: An action theory based on utility, reputation, and risk attitude
DKW Chiu, HF Leung, KM Lam
Expert Systems with Applications 36 (2), 3293-3301, 2009
A virtual travel agent system for m-tourism with semantic web service based design and implementation
YTF Yueh, DKW Chiu, H Leung, PCK Hung
21st International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and …, 2007
Information sharing between heterogeneous uncertain reasoning models in a multi-agent environment: a case study
X Luo, C Zhang, H Leung
International journal of approximate reasoning 27 (1), 27-59, 2001
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