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Tess Astatkie
Tess Astatkie
Professor of Statistics, Dalhousie University, Canada
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Distillation time effect on lavender essential oil yield and composition
VD Zheljazkov, CL Cantrell, T Astatkie, E Jeliazkova
Journal of Oleo Science 62 (4), 195-199, 2013
Influence of nano-priming on seed germination and plant growth of forage and medicinal plants
M Abbasi Khalaki, M Moameri, B Asgari Lajayer, T Astatkie
Plant growth regulation 93 (1), 13-28, 2021
Green peach aphid, Myzus persicae (Hemiptera: Aphididae), reproduction during exposure to sublethal concentrations of imidacloprid and azadirachtin
G Christopher Cutler, K Ramanaidu, T Astatkie, MB Isman
Pest Management Science: formerly Pesticide Science 65 (2), 205-209, 2009
Hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass model components for product yield prediction and reaction pathways exploration
J Yang, H Niu, K Corscadden, T Astatkie
Applied energy 228, 1618-1628, 2018
Lavender and hyssop productivity, oil content, and bioactivity as a function of harvest time and drying
VD Zheljazkov, T Astatkie, AN Hristov
Industrial Crops and Products 36 (1), 222-228, 2012
Tissue culture propagation of Mongolian cherry (Prunus fruticosa) and Nanking cherry (Prunus tomentosa)
K Pruski, T Astatkie, J Nowak
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 82, 207-211, 2005
Modification of yield and composition of essential oils by distillation time
JB Cannon, CL Cantrell, T Astatkie, VD Zheljazkov
Industrial Crops and Products 41, 214-220, 2013
Thermal imaging of soybean response to drought stress: the effect of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract
A Martynenko, K Shotton, T Astatkie, G Petrash, C Fowler, W Neily, ...
Springerplus 5, 1-14, 2016
Antioxidant capacity, total phenolics and nutritional content in selected Ethiopian staple food ingredients
SF Forsido, HPV Rupasinghe, T Astatkie
International journal of food sciences and nutrition 64 (8), 915-920, 2013
Yield, oil content, and composition of sunflower grown at multiple locations in Mississippi
VD Zheljazkov, BA Vick, MW Ebelhar, N Buehring, BS Baldwin, T Astatkie, ...
Agronomy Journal 100 (3), 635-642, 2008
Applications of essential oils and plant extracts in different industries
P Bolouri, R Salami, S Kouhi, M Kordi, B Asgari Lajayer, J Hadian, ...
Molecules 27 (24), 8999, 2022
Lemongrass productivity, oil content, and composition as a function of nitrogen, sulfur, and harvest time
VD Zheljazkov, CL Cantrell, T Astatkie, JB Cannon
Agronomy Journal 103 (3), 805-812, 2011
Advanced models for the prediction of product yield in hydrothermal liquefaction via a mixture design of biomass model components coupled with process variables
J Yang, K Corscadden, H Niu, J Lin, T Astatkie
Applied Energy 233, 906-915, 2019
Yield, content, and composition of peppermint and spearmints as a function of harvesting time and drying
VD Zheljazkov, CL Cantrell, T Astatkie, A Hristov
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 58 (21), 11400-11407, 2010
Peppermint productivity and oil composition as a function of nitrogen, growth stage, and harvest time
VD Zheljazkov, CL Cantrell, T Astatkie, MW Ebelhar
Agronomy Journal 102 (1), 124-128, 2010
Oil content and saturated fatty acids in sunflower as a function of planting date, nitrogen rate, and hybrid
VD Zheljazkov, BA Vick, BS Baldwin, N Buehring, T Astatkie, B Johnson
Agronomy journal 101 (4), 1003-1011, 2009
Organic versus conventional fertilization effects on sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) growth in a greenhouse system
J Bufalo, CL Cantrell, T Astatkie, VD Zheljazkov, A Gawde, CSF Boaro
Industrial Crops and Products 74, 249-254, 2015
Baking and sensory characteristics of muffins incorporated with apple skin powder
HP Vasantha Rupasinghe, L Wang, NL Pitts, T Astatkie
Journal of Food Quality 32 (6), 685-694, 2009
Responses of fruit yield and quality of processing tomato to drip‐irrigation and fertilizers phosphorus and potassium
K Liu, TQ Zhang, CS Tan, T Astatkie
Agronomy Journal 103 (5), 1339-1345, 2011
Hydrodistillation time affects dill seed essential oil yield, composition, and bioactivity
HY Sintim, A Burkhardt, A Gawde, CL Cantrell, T Astatkie, AE Obour, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 63, 190-196, 2015
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