Daniel Markl
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A review of disintegration mechanisms and measurement techniques
D Markl, JA Zeitler
Pharmaceutical research 34 (5), 890-917, 2017
Supervisory control system for monitoring a pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion process
D Markl, PR Wahl, JC Menezes, DM Koller, B Kavsek, K Francois, ...
AAPS PharmSciTech 14 (3), 1034-1044, 2013
Characterisation of pore structures of pharmaceutical tablets: A review
D Markl, A Strobel, R Schlossnikl, J Bøtker, P Bawuah, C Ridgway, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 538 (1-2), 188-214, 2018
Analysis of 3D prints by x-ray computed microtomography and terahertz pulsed imaging
D Markl, JA Zeitler, C Rasch, MH Michaelsen, A Müllertz, J Rantanen, ...
Pharmaceutical research 34 (5), 1037-1052, 2017
Measurement of the intertablet coating uniformity of a pharmaceutical pan coating process with combined terahertz and optical coherence tomography in-line sensing
H Lin, Y Dong, D Markl, BM Williams, Y Zheng, Y Shen, JA Zeitler
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 106 (4), 1075-1084, 2017
Optical coherence tomography as a novel tool for in-line monitoring of a pharmaceutical film-coating process
D Markl, G Hannesschläger, S Sacher, M Leitner, JG Khinast
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 55, 58-67, 2014
Calibration-free in-line monitoring of pellet coating processes via optical coherence tomography
D Markl, M Zettl, G Hannesschläger, S Sacher, M Leitner, A Buchsbaum, ...
Chemical Engineering Science 125, 200-208, 2015
The significance of the amorphous potential energy landscape for dictating glassy dynamics and driving solid-state crystallisation
MT Ruggiero, M Krynski, EO Kissi, J Sibik, D Markl, NY Tan, D Arslanov, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (44), 30039-30047, 2017
Characterization of the pore structure of functionalized calcium carbonate tablets by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy and X-ray computed microtomography
D Markl, P Wang, C Ridgway, AP Karttunen, M Chakraborty, P Bawuah, ...
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 106 (6), 1586-1595, 2017
Non-destructive determination of disintegration time and dissolution in immediate release tablets by terahertz transmission measurements
D Markl, J Sauerwein, DJ Goodwin, S van den Ban, JA Zeitler
Pharmaceutical research 34 (5), 1012-1022, 2017
In-line monitoring of a pharmaceutical pan coating process by optical coherence tomography
D Markl, G Hannesschläger, S Sacher, M Leitner, A Buchsbaum, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 104 (8), 2531-2540, 2015
Hot melt extrusion as a continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing process
D Treffer, P Wahl, D Markl, G Koscher, E Roblegg, JG Khinast
Melt Extrusion, 363-396, 2013
In-line implementation of an image-based particle size measurement tool to monitor hot-melt extruded pellets
D Treffer, PR Wahl, TR Hörmann, D Markl, S Schrank, I Jones, P Cruise, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 466 (1-2), 181-189, 2014
In-line quality control of moving objects by means of spectral-domain OCT
D Markl, G Hannesschläger, A Buchsbaum, S Sacher, JG Khinast, ...
Optics and lasers in engineering 59, 1-10, 2014
Fast and non-destructive pore structure analysis using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
D Markl, P Bawuah, C Ridgway, S van den Ban, DJ Goodwin, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 537 (1-2), 102-110, 2018
Mathematical modelling of liquid transport in swelling pharmaceutical immediate release tablets
D Markl, S Yassin, DI Wilson, DJ Goodwin, A Anderson, JA Zeitler
International journal of pharmaceutics 526 (1-2), 1-10, 2017
Hot-melt extrusion process impact on polymer choice of glyburide solid dispersions: The effect of wettability and dissolution
M Alshafiee, MK Aljammal, D Markl, A Ward, K Walton, L Blunt, S Korde, ...
International journal of pharmaceutics 559, 245-254, 2019
Resolving the rapid water absorption of porous functionalised calcium carbonate powder compacts by terahertz pulsed imaging
D Markl, P Wang, C Ridgway, AP Karttunen, P Bawuah, J Ketolainen, ...
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 132, 1082-1090, 2018
A non-destructive method for quality control of the pellet distribution within a MUPS tablet by terahertz pulsed imaging
A Novikova, D Markl, JA Zeitler, T Rades, CS Leopold
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 111, 549-555, 2018
On the role of API in determining porosity, pore structure and bulk modulus of the skeletal material in pharmaceutical tablets formed with MCC as sole excipient
C Ridgway, P Bawuah, D Markl, JA Zeitler, J Ketolainen, KE Peiponen, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 526 (1-2), 321-331, 2017
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