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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Bridging the gap between software architecture rationale formalisms and actual architecture documents: An ontology-driven approach
C López, V Codocedo, H Astudillo, LM Cysneiros
Science of Computer Programming 77 (1), 66-80, 2012
Exploring personality-targeted UI design in online social participation systems
O Nov, O Arazy, C López, P Brusilovsky
Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems …, 2013
NDR ontology: sharing and reusing NFR and design rationale knowledge
C López, LM Cysneiros, H Astudillo
2008 First International Workshop on Managing Requirements Knowledge, 1-10, 2008
Linking information and people in a social system for academic conferences
P Brusilovsky, JS Oh, C López, D Parra, W Jeng
New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia 23 (2), 81-111, 2017
Consequences of content diversity for online public spaces for local communities
CA López, BS Butler
Proceedings of the 2013 conference on Computer supported cooperative work …, 2013
Visualization and comparison of architecture rationale with semantic web technologies
C López, P Inostroza, LM Cysneiros, H Astudillo
Journal of Systems and Software 82 (8), 1198-1210, 2009
The Tutelkan SPI Framework for small settings: A methodology transfer vehicle
G Valdés, H Astudillo, M Visconti, C López
European Conference on Software Process Improvement, 142-152, 2010
Conference Navigator 3: An online social conference support system.
D Parra, W Jeng, P Brusilovsky, C López, S Sahebi
Umap workshops, 1-4, 2012
Lend me sugar, I am your neighbor! A content analysis of online forums for local communities
C López, R Farzan
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Communities and …, 2015
What makes hyper-local online discussion forums sustainable?
C López, YR Lin, R Farzan
2015 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2445-2454, 2015
Contexta/SR: A multi-institutional semantic integration platform
H Astudillo, P Inostroza, C López, J Trant, D Bearman
Museums and the Web, 2008
Identifying “interesting” component assemblies for NFRs using imperfect information
H Astudillo, J Pereira, C López
European Workshop on Software Architecture, 204-211, 2006
Explicit architectural policies to satisfy NFRs using COTS
C López, H Astudillo
International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems …, 2005
Analysis of local online review systems as digital word-of-mouth
C López, R Farzan
Proceedings of the 23rd international conference on world wide web, 457-462, 2014
Global reactions to the Cambridge analytica scandal: A cross-language social media study
F González, Y Yu, A Figueroa, C López, C Aragon
Companion Proceedings of The 2019 World Wide Web Conference, 799-806, 2019
From community networks to hyper-local social media
C López, R Farzan
Proceedings of the 18th ACM Conference Companion on Computer Supported …, 2015
Multidimensional catalogs for systematic exploration of component-based design spaces
C López, H Astudillo
IFIP World Computer Congress, TC 2, 32-46, 2006
Evaluating alternative COTS assemblies from imperfect component information
H Astudillo, J Pereira, C López
International Conference on the Quality of Software Architectures, 27-42, 2006
Does anything ever happen around here? assessing the online information landscape for local events
C López, B Butler, P Brusilovsky
Journal of Urban Technology 21 (4), 95-123, 2014
Simulating the effect of privacy concerns in online social networks
N Baracaldo, C López, M Anwar, M Lewis
2011 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse & Integration, 519-524, 2011
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