Adam L. Taylor
Adam L. Taylor
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Multiple models to capture the variability in biological neurons and networks
E Marder, AL Taylor
Nature neuroscience 14 (2), 133-138, 2011
Invertebrate central pattern generation moves along
E Marder, D Bucher, DJ Schulz, AL Taylor
Current Biology 15 (17), R685-R699, 2005
Functional consequences of animal-to-animal variation in circuit parameters
JM Goaillard, AL Taylor, DJ Schulz, E Marder
Nature neuroscience 12 (11), 1424, 2009
How multiple conductances determine electrophysiological properties in a multicompartment model
AL Taylor, JM Goaillard, E Marder
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (17), 5573-5586, 2009
Membrane capacitance measurements revisited: dependence of capacitance value on measurement method in nonisopotential neurons
J Golowasch, G Thomas, AL Taylor, A Patel, A Pineda, C Khalil, F Nadim
Journal of neurophysiology 102 (4), 2161-2175, 2009
Female mice ultrasonically interact with males during courtship displays
JP Neunuebel, AL Taylor, BJ Arthur, SER Egnor
Elife 4, e06203, 2015
Automated multi-day tracking of marked mice for the analysis of social behaviour
S Ohayon, O Avni, AL Taylor, P Perona, SER Egnor
Journal of neuroscience methods 219 (1), 10-19, 2013
Structure and visualization of high-dimensional conductance spaces
AL Taylor, TJ Hickey, AA Prinz, E Marder
Journal of Neurophysiology 96 (2), 891-905, 2006
Precise temperature compensation of phase in a rhythmic motor pattern
LS Tang, ML Goeritz, JS Caplan, AL Taylor, M Fisek, E Marder
PLoS biology 8 (8), e1000469, 2010
Robustness of a rhythmic circuit to short-and long-term temperature changes
LS Tang, AL Taylor, A Rinberg, E Marder
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (29), 10075-10085, 2012
Imaging fictive locomotor patterns in larval Drosophila
SR Pulver, TG Bayley, AL Taylor, J Berni, M Bate, B Hedwig
Journal of neurophysiology 114 (5), 2564-2577, 2015
The effects of temperature on the stability of a neuronal oscillator
A Rinberg, AL Taylor, E Marder
PLoS computational biology 9 (1), e1002857, 2013
Central pattern generating neurons simultaneously express fast and slow rhythmic activities in the stomatogastric ganglion
D Bucher, AL Taylor, E Marder
Journal of neurophysiology 95 (6), 3617-3632, 2006
Imaging reveals synaptic targets of a swim-terminating neuron in the leech CNS
AL Taylor, GW Cottrell, D Kleinfeld, WB Kristan
Journal of Neuroscience 23 (36), 11402-11410, 2003
Analysis of oscillations in a reciprocally inhibitory network with synaptic depression
AL Taylor, GW Cottrell, WB Kristan Jr
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Slow and persistent postinhibitory rebound acts as an intrinsic short-term memory mechanism
JM Goaillard, AL Taylor, SR Pulver, E Marder
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (13), 4687-4692, 2010
Content-based retrieval of ophthalmological images
A Gupta, S Moezzi, A Taylor, S Chatterjee, R Jain, I Goldbaum, S Burgess
Proceedings of 3rd IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 3, 703-706, 1996
A model of the leech segmental swim central pattern generator
A Taylor, GW Cottrell, WB Kristan Jr
Neurocomputing 32, 573-584, 2000
What we talk about when we talk about capacitance measured with the voltage-clamp step method
AL Taylor
Journal of computational neuroscience 32 (1), 167-175, 2012
Spectral Analyses Reveal the Presence of Adult-Like Activity in the Embryonic Stomatogastric Motor Patterns of the Lobster, Homarus americanus
KJ Rehm, AL Taylor, SR Pulver, E Marder
Journal of neurophysiology 99 (6), 3104-3122, 2008
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