Samir Sharma
Samir Sharma
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging of hepatic steatosis: Validation in ex vivo human livers
P Bannas, H Kramer, D Hernando, R Agni, AM Cunningham, R Mandal, ...
Hepatology 62 (5), 1444-1455, 2015
Quantitative susceptibility mapping in the abdomen as an imaging biomarker of hepatic iron overload
SD Sharma, D Hernando, DE Horng, SB Reeder
Magnetic resonance in medicine 74 (3), 673-683, 2015
GOTCHA experience report: Three-dimensional SAR imaging with complete circular apertures
E Ertin, CD Austin, S Sharma, RL Moses, LC Potter
Algorithms for synthetic aperture radar imagery XIV 6568, 656802, 2007
Multisite, multivendor validation of the accuracy and reproducibility of proton‐density fat‐fraction quantification at 1.5 T and 3T using a fat–water phantom
D Hernando, SD Sharma, M Aliyari Ghasabeh, BD Alvis, SS Arora, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 77 (4), 1516-1524, 2017
Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging phantoms: a review and the need for a system phantom
KE Keenan, M Ainslie, AJ Barker, MA Boss, KM Cecil, C Charles, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 79 (1), 48-61, 2018
Clinical image quality assessment of accelerated magnetic resonance neuroimaging using compressed sensing
SD Sharma, CL Fong, BS Tzung, M Law, KS Nayak
Investigative radiology 48 (9), 638-645, 2013
MRI‐based quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) and R2* mapping of liver iron overload: Comparison with SQUID‐based biomagnetic liver susceptometry
SD Sharma, R Fischer, BP Schoennagel, P Nielsen, H Kooijman, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 78 (1), 264-270, 2017
On the confounding effect of temperature on chemical shift‐encoded fat quantification
D Hernando, SD Sharma, H Kramer, SB Reeder
Magnetic resonance in medicine 72 (2), 464-470, 2014
Relaxivity of Ferumoxytol at 1.5 T and 3.0 T
G Knobloch, T Colgan, CN Wiens, X Wang, T Schubert, D Hernando, ...
Investigative radiology 53 (5), 257, 2018
Accelerated water–fat imaging using restricted subspace field map estimation and compressed sensing
SD Sharma, HH Hu, KS Nayak
Magnetic resonance in medicine 67 (3), 650-659, 2012
Chemical shift encoded water–fat separation using parallel imaging and compressed sensing
SD Sharma, HH Hu, KS Nayak
Magnetic resonance in medicine 69 (2), 456-466, 2013
Improving chemical shift encoded water–fat separation using object‐based information of the magnetic field inhomogeneity
SD Sharma, NS Artz, D Hernando, DE Horng, SB Reeder
Magnetic resonance in medicine 73 (2), 597-604, 2015
Accelerated T2*‐compensated fat fraction quantification using a joint parallel imaging and compressed sensing framework
SD Sharma, HH Hu, KS Nayak
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 38 (5), 1267-1275, 2013
The effects of concomitant gradients on chemical shift encoded MRI
TJ Colgan, D Hernando, SD Sharma, SB Reeder
Magnetic resonance in medicine 78 (2), 730-738, 2017
A joint background field removal and dipole deconvolution approach for quantitative susceptibility mapping in the liver
S Sharma, D Hernando, D Horng, S Reeder
Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Meeting of ISMRM, Milan, Italy, 606, 2014
Estimating relationship between the time over threshold and energy loss by photons in plastic scintillators used in the J-PET scanner
S Sharma, J Chhokar, C Curceanu, E Czerwiński, M Dadgar, K Dulski, ...
EJNMMI physics 7 (1), 1-15, 2020
System and method for object-based initialization of magnetic field inhomogeneity in magnetic resonance imaging
SD Sharma, NS Artz, SB Reeder
US Patent 9,612,300, 2017
Intricacies in the approval of radiopharmaceuticals-regulatory perspectives and the way forward
S Sharma, S Jain, A Baldi, RK Singh, RK Sharma
Current Science 116 (1), 47-65, 2019
High-performance CSA-PANI based organic phototransistor by elastomer gratings
S Sharma, R Khosla, S Das, H Shrimali, SK Sharma
Organic Electronics 57, 14-20, 2018
Cooperative reinforcement learning based adaptive resource allocation in V2V communication
S Sharma, B Singh
2019 6th International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated …, 2019
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