MORHANGE Christophe
MORHANGE Christophe
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Geoscience of ancient Mediterranean harbours
N Marriner, C Morhange
Earth-Science Reviews 80 (3-4), 137-194, 2007
Human influence and the changing geomorphology of Mediterranean deltas and coasts over the last 6000 years: From progradation to destruction phase?
EJ Anthony, N Marriner, C Morhange
Earth-Science Reviews 139, 336-361, 2014
Changes of relative sea level during the past 5000 years in the ancient harbor of Marseilles, Southern France
C Morhange, J Laborel, A Hesnard
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology 166 (3-4), 319-329, 2001
Multiproxy assessment of Holocene relative sea-level changes in the western Mediterranean: Sea-level variability and improvements in the definition of the isostatic signal
M Vacchi, N Marriner, C Morhange, G Spada, A Fontana, A Rovere
Earth-Science Reviews 155, 172-197, 2016
Biological evidence of sea-level rise during the last 4500 years on the rocky coasts of continental southwestern France and Corsica
J Laborel, C Morhange, R Lafont, J Le Campion, F Laborel-Deguen, ...
Marine Geology 120 (3-4), 203-223, 1994
Rapid sea-level movements and noneruptive crustal deformations in the Phlegrean Fields caldera, Italy
C Morhange, N Marriner, J Laborel, M Todesco, C Oberlin
Geology 34 (2), 93-96, 2006
Large boulder accumulation on the Algerian coast evidence tsunami events in the western Mediterranean
S Maouche, C Morhange, M Meghraoui
Marine Geology 262 (1-4), 96-104, 2009
Late Holocene relative sea-level changes in Lebanon, Eastern Mediterranean
C Morhange, PA Pirazzoli, N Marriner, LF Montaggioni, T Nammour
Marine Geology 230 (1-2), 99-114, 2006
Stratigraphy of late-Holocene deposits of
C Morhange, F Blanc, S Schmitt-Mercury, M Bourcier, P Carbonel, ...
The Holocene 13 (2), 323-334, 2003
ITCZ and ENSO-like pacing of Nile delta hydro-geomorphology during the Holocene
N Marriner, C Flaux, D Kaniewski, C Morhange, G Leduc, V Moron, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 45, 73-84, 2012
Recent Holocene paleo-environmental evolution and coastline changes of Kition, Larnaca, Cyprus, Mediterranean Sea
C Morhange, JP Goiran, M Bourcier, P Carbonel, J Le Campion, ...
Marine Geology 170 (1-2), 205-230, 2000
Geoarchaeological evidence for dredging in Tyre's ancient harbour, Levant
N Marriner, C Morhange
Quaternary Research 65 (1), 164-171, 2006
Geoarchaeology of Tyre's ancient northern harbour, Phoenicia
N Marriner, C Morhange, M Boudagher-Fadel, M Bourcier, P Carbonel
Journal of Archaeological Science 32 (9), 1302-1327, 2005
Coastal boulders as evidence for high-energy waves on the Iranian coast of Makran
M Shah-hosseini, C Morhange, AN Beni, N Marriner, H Lahijani, ...
Marine Geology 290 (1-4), 17-28, 2011
Nile Delta’s sinking past: Quantifiable links with Holocene compaction and climate-driven changes in sediment supply?
N Marriner, C Flaux, C Morhange, D Kaniewski
Geology 40 (12), 1083-1086, 2012
Active coastal thrusting and folding, and uplift rate of the Sahel Anticline and Zemmouri earthquake area (Tell Atlas, Algeria)
S Maouche, M Meghraoui, C Morhange, S Belabbes, Y Bouhadad, ...
Tectonophysics 509 (1-2), 69-80, 2011
Geoarchaeology of Sidon's ancient harbours, Phoenicia
N Marriner, C Morhange, C Doumet-Serhal
Journal of Archaeological Science 33 (11), 1514-1535, 2006
The ‘Ancient Harbour Parasequence’: anthropogenic forcing of the stratigraphic highstand record
N Marriner, C Morhange
Sedimentary Geology 186 (1-2), 13-17, 2006
Ancient Tyre and its harbours: 5000 years of human-environment interactions
N Marriner, C Morhange, N Carayon
Journal of Archaeological Science 35 (5), 1281-1310, 2008
New data on historical relative sea level movements in Pozzuoli, Phlaegrean Fields, southern Italy
C Morhange, M Bourcier, J Laborel, C Giallanella, JP Goiran, L Crimaco, ...
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Part A: Solid Earth and Geodesy 24 (4 …, 1999
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