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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Establishment and cryptic transmission of Zika virus in Brazil and the Americas
NR Faria, J Quick, IM Claro, J Theze, JG de Jesus, M Giovanetti, ...
Nature 546 (7658), 406-410, 2017
Type III interferons produced by human placental trophoblasts confer protection against Zika virus infection
A Bayer, NJ Lennemann, Y Ouyang, JC Bramley, S Morosky, ...
Cell host & microbe 19 (5), 705-712, 2016
Association between Zika virus infection and microcephaly in Brazil, January to May, 2016: preliminary report of a case-control study
TVB de Araújo, LC Rodrigues, RA de Alencar Ximenes, ...
The Lancet Infectious Diseases 16 (12), 1356-1363, 2016
Initial description of the presumed congenital Zika syndrome
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American journal of public health 106 (4), 598-600, 2016
Computed tomographic findings in microcephaly associated with Zika virus
AN Hazin, A Poretti, D Di Cavalcanti Souza Cruz, M Tenorio, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 374 (22), 2193-2195, 2016
Association between microcephaly, Zika virus infection, and other risk factors in Brazil: final report of a case-control study
TVB de Araújo, RA de Alencar Ximenes, D de Barros Miranda-Filho, ...
The Lancet Infectious Diseases 18 (3), 328-336, 2018
Seroprevalence and risk factors for dengue infection in socio-economically distinct areas of Recife, Brazil
C Braga, CF Luna, CMT Martelli, WV De Souza, MT Cordeiro, ...
Acta tropica 113 (3), 234-240, 2010
Teratogenic effects of the Zika virus and the role of the placenta
JJ Adibi, ETA Marques Jr, A Cartus, RH Beigi
The Lancet 387 (10027), 1587-1590, 2016
From re-emergence to hyperendemicity: the natural history of the dengue epidemic in Brazil
I Rodriguez-Barraquer, MT Cordeiro, C Braga, WV de Souza, ET Marques, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 5 (1), e935, 2011
Impact of preexisting dengue immunity on Zika virus emergence in a dengue endemic region
I Rodriguez-Barraquer, F Costa, EJM Nascimento, N Nery, PMS Castanha, ...
Science 363 (6427), 607-610, 2019
Positive IgM for Zika virus in the cerebrospinal fluid of 30 neonates with microcephaly in Brazil
MT Cordeiro, LJ Pena, CA Brito, LH Gil, ET Marques
The Lancet 387 (10030), 1811-1812, 2016
Dengue virus–specific antibodies enhance Brazilian Zika virus infection
PMS Castanha, EJM Nascimento, C Braga, MT Cordeiro, OV de Carvalho, ...
The Journal of infectious diseases 215 (5), 781-785, 2017
Alternative complement pathway deregulation is correlated with dengue severity
EJM Nascimento, AM Silva, MT Cordeiro, CA Brito, LHVG Gil, ...
PloS one 4 (8), e6782, 2009
Rapid antigen tests for dengue virus serotypes and Zika virus in patient serum
I Bosch, H de Puig, M Hiley, M Carré-Camps, F Perdomo-Celis, ...
Science translational medicine 9 (409), 2017
Increased immune responses in rhesus macaques by DNA vaccination combined with electroporation
M Rosati, A Valentin, R Jalah, V Patel, A von Gegerfelt, C Bergamaschi, ...
Vaccine 26 (40), 5223-5229, 2008
Risk of microcephaly after Zika virus infection in Brazil, 2015 to 2016
T Jaenisch, KD Rosenberger, C Brito, O Brady, P Brasil, ETA Marques
Bulletin of the World Health Organization 95 (3), 191, 2017
Characterization of a dengue patient cohort in Recife, Brazil
MT rio Cordeiro, AM Silva, CAA Brito, EJM Nascimento, MCF Magalhães, ...
Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg 77 (6), 1128-1134, 2007
Synergistic neutralizing antibody response to a dengue virus type 2 DNA vaccine by incorporation of lysosome-associated membrane protein sequences and use of plasmid expressing …
K Raviprakash, E Marques, D Ewing, Y Lu, I Phillips, KR Porter, TJ Kochel, ...
Virology 290 (1), 74-82, 2001
A systematic bioinformatics approach for selection of epitope-based vaccine targets
AM Khan, O Miotto, AT Heiny, J Salmon, KN Srinivasan, EJM Nascimento, ...
Cellular immunology 244 (2), 141-147, 2006
Conservation and variability of dengue virus proteins: implications for vaccine design
AM Khan, O Miotto, EJM Nascimento, KN Srinivasan, AT Heiny, GL Zhang, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 2 (8), e272, 2008
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