Qirong Yao
Qirong Yao
IBS Center for Artificial Low Dimensional Electronic Systems, South Korea
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Structural and Electronic Properties of Germanene on
L Zhang, P Bampoulis, AN Rudenko, Q Yao, A Van Houselt, B Poelsema, ...
Physical review letters 116 (25), 256804, 2016
Defect Dominated Charge Transport and Fermi Level Pinning in MoS2/Metal Contacts
P Bampoulis, R van Bremen, Q Yao, B Poelsema, HJW Zandvliet, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (22), 19278-19286, 2017
Electric field-induced giant strain and photoluminescence-enhancement effect in rare-earth modified lead-free piezoelectric ceramics
Q Yao, F Wang, F Xu, CM Leung, T Wang, Y Tang, X Ye, Y Xie, D Sun, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (9), 5066-5075, 2015
Large electrostrictive effect in ternary Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based solid solutions
F Wang, C Jin, Q Yao, W Shi
Journal of Applied Physics 114 (2), 027004, 2013
Influence of B-site complex-ion substitution on the structure and electrical properties in Bi0. 5Na0. 5TiO3-based lead-free solid solutions
CC Jin, FF Wang, LL Wei, J Tang, Y Li, QR Yao, CY Tian, WZ Shi
Journal of alloys and compounds 585, 185-191, 2014
Enhanced ferroelectric and piezoelectric response in Mn-doped Bi0. 5Na0. 5TiO3–BaTiO3 lead-free film by pulsed laser deposition
C Jin, F Wang, CM Leung, Q Yao, Y Tang, T Wang, W Shi
Applied surface science 283, 348-351, 2013
Intercalation of Si between MoS2 layers
R Van Bremen, Q Yao, S Banerjee, D Cakir, N Oncel, HJW Zandvliet
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 8 (1), 1952-1960, 2017
Piezoelectric/photoluminescence effects in rare-earth doped lead-free ceramics
Q Yao, F Wang, C Jin, Y Tang, T Wang, W Shi
Applied Physics A 113 (1), 231-236, 2013
Bandgap opening in hydrogenated germanene
Q Yao, L Zhang, NS Kabanov, AN Rudenko, T Arjmand, ...
Applied physics letters 112 (17), 171607, 2018
Identification of Semiconductive Patches in Thermally Processed Monolayer Oxo‐Functionalized Graphene
Z Wang, Q Yao, C Neumann, F Börrnert, J Renner, U Kaiser, A Turchanin, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 59 (32), 13657-13662, 2020
Influence of SiO 2 or h-BN substrate on the room-temperature electronic transport in chemically derived single layer graphene
Z Wang, Q Yao, Y Hu, C Li, M Hußmann, B Weintrub, JN Kirchhof, ...
RSC Advances 9 (65), 38011-38016, 2019
Growth of silicon on tungsten diselenide
Q Yao, R van Bremen, HJW Zandvliet
Applied Physics Letters 109, 243105, 2016
Ferroelectric and dielectric properties of La0. 6Sr0. 4CoO3-buffered 0.7 Pb (Mg1/3Nb2/3) O3–0.3 PbTiO3 thin film by pulsed laser deposition
Q Yao, F Wang, CM Leung, Y Tang, T Wang, C Jin, W Shi
Journal of alloys and compounds 588, 290-293, 2014
Algorithm-improved high-speed and non-invasive confocal Raman imaging of 2D materials
S Nair, J Gao, Q Yao, MHG Duits, C Otto, F Mugele
National Science Review 7 (3), 620-628, 2020
Nanoscale Investigation of Defects and Oxidation of HfSe2
Q Yao, L Zhang, P Bampoulis, HJW Zandvliet
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (44), 25498-25505, 2018
Room‐Temperature Transport Properties of Graphene with Defects Derived from Oxo‐Graphene
Z Wang, Q Yao, S Eigler
Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) 26 (29), 6484, 2020
Spatially resolved electronic structure of twisted graphene
Q Yao, R Van Bremen, GJ Slotman, L Zhang, S Haartsen, K Sotthewes, ...
Physical Review B 95 (24), 245116, 2017
Influence of Pb (Al, Nb) O3 substitution on the structure and electrical properties in Pb (Zn, Nb) O3–Pb (Zr, Ti) O3 solid solutions
LL Wei, AY Liu, CC Jin, FT Lin, P Wang, QR Yao, CY Tian, Y Li, J Tang, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 590, 368-372, 2014
Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Zr-rich (1-x)PZT+xBiFeO3 Ceramics
X Zhang, Y Ma, X He, Y Zhou, Q Yao, F Wang, Y Tang, Z Zhou, P Qiu, ...
Ferroelectrics 489 (1), 27-34, 2015
Singularities and topologically protected states in twisted bilayer graphene
Q Yao, X Chen, R Van Bremen, K Sotthewes, HJW Zandvliet
Applied physics letters 116 (1), 011602, 2020
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