Ozalp Vayvay
Ozalp Vayvay
Marmara University Chairman of Engineering Management
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Business process reengineering: strategic tool for managing organizational change an application in a multinational company
A Goksoy, B Ozsoy, O Vayvay
International Journal of Business and Management 7 (2), 89, 2012
Theory of constraints: A literature review
ZT Şimşit, NS Günay, Ö Vayvay
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Supplier selection problem in global supply chains by AHP and ANP approaches under fuzzy environment
GN Yücenur, Ö Vayvay, NÇ Demirel
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 56 (5-8), 823-833, 2011
Solid waste disposal methodology selection using multi-criteria decision making methods and an application in Turkey
E Arıkan, ZT Şimşit-Kalender, Ö Vayvay
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An overview of big data for growth in SMEs
D Sen, M Ozturk, O Vayvay
Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 235 (1), 159-167, 2016
A method for selecting third party logistic service provider using fuzzy AHP
E Çakir, H Tozan, O Vayvay
Journal of Naval Science and Engineering 5 (3), 38-54, 2009
A fuzzy AHP based decision support system for disaster center location selection and a case study for Istanbul
BT Turğut, G Taş, A Herekoğlu, H Tozan, O Vayvay
Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal, 2011
The fifth pillar of the balanced scorecard: sustainability
ZT Kalender, Ö Vayvay
Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 235, 76-83, 2016
Gaining competitive advantage through innovation strategies: an application in warehouse management processes
A Goksoy, O Vayvay, N Ergeneli
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The impact of remanufacturing on total inventory cost and order variance
A Corum, Ö Vayvay, E Bayraktar
Journal of cleaner production 85, 442-452, 2014
An outline of innovation management process: building a framework for managers to implement innovation
ZT Şimşit, Ö Vayvay, Ö Öztürk
Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 150, 690-699, 2014
ERP consultant selection problem using AHP, fuzzy AHP and ANP: A case study in Turkey
O Vayvay, Y Ozcan, MM Cruz-Cunha
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A fuzzy based decision model for nontraditional machining process selection
T Temuçin, H Tozan, Ö Vayvay, M Harničárová, J Valíček
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Fuzzy forecasting applications on supply chains
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A combined decision model for R&D project portfolio selection
T Conka, O Vayvay, B Sennaroglu
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Hybrid grey and ANFIS approach to bullwhip effect in supply chain networks
H Tozan, O Vayvay
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Strategic enterprise management for innovative companies: The last decade of the balanced scorecard
D Sen, S Bingol, O Vayvay
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Quality improvement through ergonomics methodology: conceptual framework and an application
O Vayvay, O Erdinc
International journal of productivity and quality management 3 (3), 311-324, 2008
The effects of fuzzy forecasting models on supply chain performance
H Tozan, O Vayvay
Proceedings of 9th WSEAS International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FS’08 …, 2008
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