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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Using trust for secure collaboration in uncertain environments
V Cahill, E Gray, JM Seigneur, CD Jensen, Y Chen, B Shand, N Dimmock, ...
IEEE pervasive computing 2 (3), 52-61, 2003
Epidemic live streaming: optimal performance trade-offs
T Bonald, L Massoulié, F Mathieu, D Perino, A Twigg
Proceedings of the 2008 ACM SIGMETRICS international conference on …, 2008
Randomized decentralized broadcasting algorithms
L Massoulie, A Twigg, C Gkantsidis, P Rodriguez
IEEE INFOCOM 2007-26th IEEE International Conference on Computer …, 2007
Trading in trust, tokens, and stamps
T Moreton, A Twigg
Proc. of the First Workshop on Economics of Peer-to-peer Systems, 2003
Stratified B-trees and Versioned Dictionaries.
A Twigg, A Byde, G Milos, TD Moreton, J Wilkes, T Wilkie
HotStorage, 2011
Compact forbidden-set routing
B Courcelle, A Twigg
Annual Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, 37-48, 2007
Managing trust and reputation in the XenoServer Open Platform
B Dragovic, S Hand, T Harris, E Kotsovinos, A Twigg
International Conference on Trust Management, 59-74, 2003
Rate-optimal schemes for peer-to-peer live streaming
L Massoulié, A Twigg
Performance Evaluation 65 (11-12), 804-822, 2008
Peer-to-peer technologies
J Crowcroft, T Moreton, I Pratt, A Twigg
The Grid 2, 593-622, 2004
Enforcing collaboration in peer-to-peer routing services
T Moreton, A Twigg
International Conference on Trust Management, 255-270, 2003
Attack-resistance of computational trust models
A Twigg, N Dimmock
WET ICE 2003. Proceedings. Twelfth IEEE International Workshops on Enabling …, 2003
GSAX (Grid Service Accounting Extensions)
A Beardsmore, K Hartley, S Hawkins, S Laws, J Magowan, A Twigg
draft), GGF6, 2002
Distributed approximation of fixed-points in trust structures
K Krukow, A Twigg
25th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS …, 2005
A subjective approach to routing in P2P and ad hoc networks
A Twigg
International Conference on Trust Management, 225-238, 2003
Constrained-path labellings on graphs of bounded clique-width
B Courcelle, A Twigg
Theory of Computing Systems 47 (2), 531-567, 2010
Rate-optimal decentralized broadcasting: the wireless case
D Towsley, A Twigg
Proc. ACITA, 323-333, 2008
Peer-to-Peer systems and the Grid
J Crowcroft, T Moreton, I Pratt, A Twigg
draft, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, 2003
Lower bounds for distributed markov chain problems
R Sami, A Twigg
arXiv preprint arXiv:0810.5263, 2008
Connectivity check in 3-connected planar graphs with obstacles
B Courcelle, C Gavoille, MM Kanté, A Twigg
Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 31, 151-155, 2008
Enforcing collaboration in P2P routing services
T Moreton, A Twigg
First International Conference on Trust Management, 2003
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