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Silvia Cascianelli
Silvia Cascianelli
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Dimensionality reduction strategies for cnn-based classification of histopathological images
S Cascianelli, R Bello-Cerezo, F Bianconi, ML Fravolini, M Belal, ...
International conference on intelligent interactive multimedia systems and …, 2018
Robust visual semi-semantic loop closure detection by a covisibility graph and CNN features
S Cascianelli, G Costante, E Bellocchio, P Valigi, ML Fravolini, ...
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 92, 53-65, 2017
Precision computation of wind turbine power upgrades: An aerodynamic and control optimization test case
D Astolfi, F Castellani, ML Fravolini, S Cascianelli, L Terzi
Journal of Energy Resources Technology 141 (5), 2019
From show to tell: a survey on deep learning-based image captioning
M Stefanini, M Cornia, L Baraldi, S Cascianelli, G Fiameni, R Cucchiara
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2022
Full-GRU Natural Language Video Description for Service Robotics Applications
S Cascianelli, G Costante, TA Ciarfuglia, P Valigi, ML Fravolini
Role of artificial intelligence techniques (automatic classifiers) in molecular imaging modalities in neurodegenerative diseases
S Cascianelli, M Scialpi, S Amici, N Forini, M Minestrini, M Luca Fravolini, ...
Current Alzheimer Research 14 (2), 198-207, 2017
Experimental evaluation of two pitot free analytical redundancy techniques for the estimation of the airspeed of an UAV
ML Fravolini, M Rhudy, S Gururajan, S Cascianelli, M Napolitano
SAE International Journal of Aerospace 7 (1), 109, 2014
Combining domain adaptation and spatial consistency for unseen fruits counting: a quasi-unsupervised approach
E Bellocchio, G Costante, S Cascianelli, ML Fravolini, P Valigi
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 5 (2), 1079-1086, 2020
Explore and explain: self-supervised navigation and recounting
R Bigazzi, F Landi, M Cornia, S Cascianelli, L Baraldi, R Cucchiara
2020 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), 1152-1159, 2021
Classification model to estimate MIB-1 (Ki 67) proliferation index in NSCLC patients evaluated with 18F-FDG-PET/CT
B Palumbo, R Capozzi, F Bianconi, ML Fravolini, S Cascianelli, ...
Anticancer Research 40 (6), 3355-3360, 2020
SmartSEAL: A ROS based home automation framework for heterogeneous devices interconnection in smart buildings
E Bellocchio, G Costante, S Cascianelli, P Valigi, TA Ciarfuglia
2016 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), 1-6, 2016
Out of the box: embodied navigation in the real world
R Bigazzi, F Landi, M Cornia, S Cascianelli, L Baraldi, R Cucchiara
International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, 47-57, 2021
A robust semi-semantic approach for visual localization in urban environment
S Cascianelli, G Costante, E Bellocchio, P Valigi, ML Fravolini, ...
2016 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2), 1-6, 2016
[123I] Metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) cardiac scintigraphy and automated classification techniques in Parkinsonian disorders
S Nuvoli, A Spanu, ML Fravolini, F Bianconi, S Cascianelli, G Madeddu, ...
Molecular Imaging and Biology 22 (3), 703-710, 2020
Focus on impact: indoor exploration with intrinsic motivation
R Bigazzi, F Landi, S Cascianelli, L Baraldi, M Cornia, R Cucchiara
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 7 (2), 2985-2992, 2022
Experimental prediction intervals for monitoring wind turbines: An ensemble approach
S Cascianelli, D Astolfi, G Costante, F Castellani, ML Fravolini
2019 International Conference on Control, Automation and Diagnosis (ICCAD), 1-6, 2019
Visual localization in the presence of appearance changes using the partial order kernel
M Abdollahyan, S Cascianelli, E Bellocchio, G Costante, TA Ciarfuglia, ...
2018 26th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), 697-701, 2018
Hand-designed local image descriptors vs. off-the-shelf CNN-based features for texture classification: an experimental comparison
R Bello-Cerezo, F Bianconi, S Cascianelli, ML Fravolini, F Maria, ...
International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and …, 2018
Right putamen and age are the most discriminant features to diagnose Parkinson's disease by using 123I-FP-CIT brain SPET data by using an artificial neural …
S Cascianelli, C Tranfaglia, ML Fravolini, F Bianconi, M Minestrini, ...
Hellenic Journal of Nuclear Medicine 20, 165-165, 2017
CaMEL: Mean Teacher Learning for Image Captioning
B Manuele, M Stefanini, M Cornia, S Cascianelli, L Baraldi, R Cucchiara
International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2022
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