Ayhan Kanat
Ayhan Kanat
Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Department of NeurosurgeryRize
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
When is duraplasty required in the surgical treatment of Chiari malformation type I based on tonsillar descending grading scale?
A Yilmaz, A Kanat, AM Musluman, İ Çolak, Y Terzi, S Kayacı, Y Aydin
World neurosurgery 75 (2), 307-313, 2011
Toward changing of the pathophysiologic basis of acute hydrocephalus after subarachnoid hemorrhage: a preliminary experimental study
A Kanat, O Turkmenoglu, MD Aydin, C Yolas, N Aydin, N Gursan, ...
World neurosurgery 80 (3-4), 390-395, 2013
Surgical results of large and giant pituitary adenomas with special consideration of ophthalmologic outcomes
AM Müslüman, T Cansever, A Yılmaz, A Kanat, E Oba, H Çavuşoğlu, ...
World neurosurgery 76 (1-2), 141-148, 2011
The role of ischemic neurodegeneration of the nodose ganglia on cardiac arrest after subarachnoid hemorrhage: an experimental study
MD Aydin, A Kanat, A Yilmaz, M Cakir, M Emet, Z Cakir, S Aslan, S Altas, ...
Experimental neurology 230 (1), 90-95, 2011
Transorbital ultrasonographic measurement of optic nerve sheath diameter for intracranial midline shift in patients with head trauma
H Kazdal, A Kanat, H Findik, A Sen, B Ozdemir, OE Batcik, O Yavasi, ...
World neurosurgery 85, 292-297, 2016
Uncovering a new cause of obstructive hydrocephalus following subarachnoid hemorrhage: choroidal artery vasospasm–related ependymal cell degeneration and aqueductal stenosis …
C Yolas, NG Ozdemir, A Kanat, MD Aydin, P Keles, U Kepoglu, N Aydin, ...
World neurosurgery 90, 484-491, 2016
Challenges to neurosurgical professionalism
A Kanat, CR Epstein
Clinical neurology and neurosurgery 112 (10), 839-843, 2010
Changes in number of water-filled vesicles of choroid plexus in early and late phase of experimental rabbit subarachnoid hemorrhage model; the role of petrous ganglion of …
MD Aydin, A Kanat, ON Turkmenoglu, C Yolas, C Gundogdu, N Aydın
Acta neurochirurgica 156 (7), 1311-1317, 2014
The unforgettable neurosurgical operations of musicians in the last century
ER Gasenzer, A Kanat, E Neugebauer
World Neurosurgery 101, 444-450, 2017
Chronic subdural hematoma in adults: why does it occur more often in males than females? Influence of patient's sexual gender on occurrence
A Kanat, S Kayaci, U Yazar, H Kazdal, Y Terzi
Journal of neurosurgical sciences 54 (3), 99-103, 2010
Spinal surgery and neurosurgeon: quo vadis?
A Kanat
Journal of neurosurgical sciences 57 (1), 75-79, 2013
Neurosurgery and music; effect of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
ER Gasenzer, A Kanat, E Neugebauer
World neurosurgery 102, 313-319, 2017
First report of important causal relationship between the Adamkiewicz artery vasospasm and dorsal root ganglion cell degeneration in spinal subarachnoid hemorrhage: An …
ON Turkmenoglu, A Kanat, C Yolas, MD Aydin, N Ezirmik, C Gundogdu
Asian journal of neurosurgery 12 (1), 22, 2017
Role of degenerated neuron density of dorsal root ganglion on anterior spinal artery vasospasm in subarachnoid hemorrhage: experimental study
A Kanat, A Yilmaz, MD Aydin, M Musluman, S Altas, N Gursan
Acta neurochirurgica 152 (12), 2167-2172, 2010
Describing a new syndrome in L5-S1 disc herniation: Sexual and sphincter dysfunction without pain and muscle weakness
N Akca, B Ozdemir, A Kanat, OE Batcik, U Yazar, OU Zorba
Journal of craniovertebral junction & spine 5 (4), 146, 2014
Inequality in leg length is important for the understanding of the pathophysiology of lumbar disc herniation
MS Balik, A Kanat, A Erkut, B Ozdemir, OE Batcik
Journal of Craniovertebral Junction & Spine 7 (2), 87, 2016
Unraveling of the effect of nodose ganglion degeneration on the coronary artery vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage: an experimental study
C Yolas, A Kanat, MD Aydin, E Altas, IF Kanat, H Kazdal, A Duman, ...
World neurosurgery 86, 79-87, 2016
The impact of L5 dorsal root ganglion degeneration and Adamkiewicz artery vasospasm on descending colon dilatation following spinal subarachnoid hemorrhage: an experimental …
C Ozturk, A Kanat, MD Aydin, C Yolas, ME Kabalar, B Gundogdu, ...
Journal of craniovertebral junction & spine 6 (2), 69, 2015
Important casual association of carotid body and glossopharyngeal nerve and lung following experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage in rabbits. First report
C Yolas, A Kanat, MD Aydin, ON Turkmenoglu, C Gundogdu
Journal of the Neurological Sciences 336 (1-2), 220-226, 2014
Role of neuron density of the stellate ganglion on regulation of the basilar artery volume in subarachnoid hemorrhage: an experimental study
S Kayaci, A Kanat, MD Aydin, AM Musluman, M Eseoglu, M Karalar, ...
Autonomic Neuroscience 165 (2), 163-167, 2011
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