Luigi Adamo
Luigi Adamo
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Biomechanical forces promote embryonic haematopoiesis
L Adamo, O Naveiras, PL Wenzel, S McKinney-Freeman, PJ Mack, ...
Nature 459 (7250), 1131-1135, 2009
Microfluidics-based assessment of cell deformability
A Adamo, A Sharei, L Adamo, BK Lee, S Mao, KF Jensen
Analytical chemistry 84 (15), 6438-6443, 2012
Directed stem cell differentiation by fluid mechanical forces
L Adamo, G García-Cardeña
Antioxidants & redox signaling 15 (5), 1463-1473, 2011
Reappraising the role of inflammation in heart failure
L Adamo, C Rocha-Resende, SD Prabhu, DL Mann
Nature Reviews Cardiology 17 (5), 269-285, 2020
Biomechanical forces promote blood development through prostaglandin E2 and the cAMP–PKA signaling axis
MF Diaz, N Li, HJ Lee, L Adamo, SM Evans, HE Willey, N Arora, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 212 (5), 665-680, 2015
Reverse remodeling in dilated cardiomyopathy: insights and future perspectives
M Merlo, T Caiffa, M Gobbo, L Adamo, G Sinagra
IJC heart & vasculature 18, 52-57, 2018
The vascular origin of hematopoietic cells
L Adamo, G García-Cardeña
Developmental biology 362 (1), 1-10, 2012
Abnormal global longitudinal strain predicts future deterioration of left ventricular function in heart failure patients with a recovered left ventricular ejection fraction
L Adamo, A Perry, E Novak, M Makan, BR Lindman, DL Mann
Circulation: Heart Failure 10 (6), e003788, 2017
The Heartmate Risk Score predicts morbidity and mortality in unselected left ventricular assist device recipients and risk stratifies INTERMACS class 1 patients
L Adamo, M Nassif, A Tibrewala, E Novak, J Vader, SC Silvestry, A Itoh, ...
JACC: Heart Failure 3 (4), 283-290, 2015
Modulation of subsets of cardiac B lymphocytes improves cardiac function after acute injury
L Adamo, LJ Staloch, C Rocha-Resende, SJ Matkovich, W Jiang, ...
JCI insight 3 (11), 2018
Prevalence of lactic acidaemia in patients with advanced heart failure and depressed cardiac output
L Adamo, ME Nassif, E Novak, SJ LaRue, DL Mann
European journal of heart failure 19 (8), 1027-1033, 2017
Surgical threshold for bicuspid aortic valve aneurysm: a case for individual decision-making
L Adamo, AC Braverman
Heart 101 (17), 1361-1367, 2015
The HeartMate Risk Score identifies patients with similar mortality risk across all INTERMACS profiles in a large multicenter analysis
L Adamo, Y Tang, ME Nassif, E Novak, PG Jones, S LaRue, JA Spertus, ...
JACC: Heart Failure 4 (12), 950-958, 2016
AICAR activates the pluripotency transcriptional network in embryonic stem cells and induces KLF4 and KLF2 expression in fibroblasts
L Adamo, Y Zhang, G García-Cardeña
BMC pharmacology 9 (1), 1-7, 2009
Generalised insulin oedema after intensification of treatment with insulin analogues
L Adamo, M Thoelke
Case Reports 2013, bcr2012007037, 2013
Reduced apolipoprotein M and adverse outcomes across the spectrum of human heart failure
JA Chirinos, L Zhao, Y Jia, C Frej, L Adamo, D Mann, SV Shewale, ...
Circulation 141 (18), 1463-1476, 2020
Myocardial B cells are a subset of circulating lymphocytes with delayed transit through the heart
L Adamo, C Rocha-Resende, CY Lin, S Evans, J Williams, H Dun, W Li, ...
JCI insight 5 (3), 2020
Pirfenidone is a cardioprotective drug: mechanisms of action and preclinical evidence
A Aimo, E Cerbai, G Bartolucci, L Adamo, A Barison, GL Surdo, S Biagini, ...
Pharmacological research 155, 104694, 2020
Immunomodulatory role of nonneuronal cholinergic signaling in myocardial injury
C Rocha-Resende, C Weinheimer, G Bajpai, L Adamo, SJ Matkovich, ...
JCI insight 4 (14), 2019
Microfluidic device for single cell targeted operations
A Adamo, K Jensen, L Adamo
US Patent App. 11/788,646, 2007
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