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Ahmad Barari
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Customization of automotive structural components using additive manufacturing and topology optimization
D Jankovics, A Barari
IFAC-PapersOnLine 52 (10), 212-217, 2019
Post processing for fused deposition modeling parts with acetone vapour bath
A Lalehpour, A Barari
IFAC-PapersOnLine 49 (31), 42-48, 2016
On the surface quality of additive manufactured parts
A Barari, HA Kishawy, F Kaji, MA Elbestawi
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 89, 1969-1974, 2017
Surface roughness of FDM parts after post-processing with acetone vapor bath smoothing process
A Lalehpour, C Janeteas, A Barari
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 95, 1505-1520, 2018
Evaluation of the Surface Roughness of Additive Manufacturing Parts Based on the Modelling of Cusp Geometry
AB F Kaji
IFAC-PapersOnLine 48 (3), 658-663, 2015
Integrated inspection and machining for maximum conformance to design tolerances
HA ElMaraghy, A Barari, GK Knopf
CIRP Annals 53 (1), 411-416, 2004
Intelligent manufacturing systems towards industry 4.0 era
A Barari, M de Sales Guerra Tsuzuki, Y Cohen, M Macchi
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 32, 1793-1796, 2021
Global adaptive slicing of NURBS based sculptured surface for minimum texture error in rapid prototyping
S Sikder, A Barari, HA Kishawy
Rapid prototyping journal 21 (6), 649-661, 2015
Developing topology optimization with additive manufacturing constraints in ANSYS®
D Jankovics, H Gohari, M Tayefeh, A Barari
IFAC-PapersOnLine 51 (11), 1359-1364, 2018
NURBS representation of estimated surfaces resulting from machining errors
A Barari, HA ElMaraghy, P Orban
International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing 22 (5), 395-410, 2009
Topologically optimized diesel engine support manufactured with additive manufacturing
TR Marchesi, RD Lahuerta, ECN Silva, MSG Tsuzuki, TC Martins, A Barari, ...
IFAC-PapersOnLine 48 (3), 2333-2338, 2015
A more accurate analytical formulation of surface roughness in layer-based additive manufacturing to enhance the product’s precision
A Lalehpour, A Barari
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 96, 3793-3804, 2018
Effect of adaptive slicing on surface integrity in additive manufacturing
S Sikder, A Barari, HA Kishawy
International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and …, 2014
Methods to determine torsion stiffness in an automotive chassis
S Tebby, E Esmailzadeh, A Barari
Computer-Aided Design & Applications, PACE (1), 67-75, 2011
Surface topography of additive manufacturing parts using a finite difference approach
S Jamiolahmadi, A Barari
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 136 (6), 061009, 2014
Reducing rigidity by implementing closed-loop engineering in adaptable design and manufacturing systems
A Barari, R Pop-Iliev
Journal of Manufacturing Systems 28 (2-3), 47-54, 2009
Search-guided sampling to reduce uncertainty of minimum deviation zone estimation
A Barari, HA ElMaraghy, GK Knopf
The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment Design and Donning and Doffing Technique in Mitigating Infectious Disease Spread: A Technical Report
TSR Robert McCarthy, Bruno Gino, Philip d'Entremont, Ahmad Barari
Cureus 12 ((12): e12084), 2020
Adaptive data reduction with neighbourhood search approach in coordinate measurement of planar surfaces
A Lalehpour, C Berry, A Barari
Journal of Manufacturing Systems 45, 28-47, 2017
A quick deviation zone fitting in coordinate metrology of NURBS surfaces using principle component analysis
H Gohari, A Barari
Measurement 92, 352-364, 2016
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